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8 Facts Every Couple Trying to Have a Baby Must Know

Parenthood is the most amazing period in a couple’s life as it takes their relationship a step further and gives a tangible for to their love. But it is not so easy for all the couples as some of them may encounter certain pregnancy related problems. However, awareness can make things less complicated for them and also increase the chances of a positive outcome.

Here are 8 facts every couple trying to have a baby must know:

1. There is a certain age after which getting pregnant can become a big issue. If you are going to plan a baby, the best time is before you get on the wrong side of thirties as the period before that is when you are the most fertile. Also, if you try in your twenties, you can get to know timely if there is a problem and get treatment at the right time.

2. Both the partners, man and woman, determine the fertility as a whole as it is the egg and the sperm, which combine to produce a baby. If there is problem with the either of them, then infertility issues may surface. In such a case, any one of them might have to get treatment.

3. Even if you are healthy and normal, it is not necessary that you will get pregnant as soon as you start trying. The probability of a normal couple conceiving in one cycle is only 25%, which means that there is nothing to worry if you don’t get a positive test in the first month of planning. However, not being able to conceive after 6-12 months of regular and unprotected sex can ring alarming bells.

4. If you plan to delay planning family till your late thirties for career reasons or otherwise, it is a good idea to get evaluated in time to check out for any fertility problems. If there are any issues, treatment may be started right away so that you need not waste time when the right time comes.

5. Age is the most important factor as far as pregnancy is concerned. As you grow older the chances of getting pregnant keep falling down, drastically when you cross into your forties. It is advisable for women over 40 to consult a doctor as soon as they start trying for a baby.

6. Smoking, stress, alcohol and obesity are among the lifestyle factors which can have detrimental effect on the fertility of both, men and women, men should not wear tight clothing or do such exercise which causes heat in the testicular area as it can affect the number and quality of sperms.

7. Certain heath issues in men and women can also lead to infertility. These include endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids and hormonal imbalances in women and diabetes, thyroid and low sperm count in men.

8. If you do end up with a fertility problem, it does not mean that you will never have babies, as there are a lot of fertility treatments available. However, the success rate of these procedures is limited but there is always hope.

In a nutshell, a couple should start trying as soon as they make up their mind about starting a family, as problems might surface and a good timing means that you can take a head start in treatment.

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