8 Greatest Spots For A Coffee Break In Milan

Each province of Italy is distinguished by its own history, traditions and culinary peculiarities. If speaking about Milan it embodies everything most interesting and original. You can try there pizza, lasagna, nourishing meat soups, fragrant cheese, famous Italian ice cream and delicious desserts of the most incredible ingredients.

Milanese cuisine, which is simple and nutritious at the same time, has its own taste that cannot be confused with the others. There are lots of cafes in Milan, which you can go to when you get hungry or just feel like drinking a cup of coffee.
Nevertheless, among all of these cafes there are a few ones that are particularly recommended to visit.

Colonial Fashion Café
This colonial-style establishment is always crowded with noisy companies. Locals love this cafe for its cozy atmosphere and affordable prices. In addition, the cafe is located next to the popular San Lorenzo di Colonial District. So many people who are strolling there sooner or later go to the cafe for a snack or a cup of coffee.


The cafe features a bright and original design. Comfortable luxury chairs, pictures on the walls and stuffed lions, placed in the corners, create an interesting and modern atmosphere.
In general, the entire atmosphere of the place is permeated by the theme of Africa. This is due to the work of the well-known photographer Peter Beard, whose pictures are displayed on the walls of the Colonial Fashion Cafe. So, while admiring the pictures by Beard, you can try a cup of coffee imported from Ethiopia and Brazil, or one of the eighteen varieties of tea. In summer the café turns into a true African oasis in Milan, serving icy cocktails and frozen fruit.
Address: Via de Amicis, 12, 20123 Milan

Trussardi Café
This cafe belongs to the Italian brand of the same name and is very popular among locals. This place will amaze you with its stunning design which is composed by curved ebony chairs and complemented by flower beds hanging from the ceiling.
The main highlight of the cafe is a delicious espresso coffee, a nourishing lunch and proximity to the famous La Scala Theatre.
Address: Piazza della Scala 5, 20121 Milan

Radetzky Café
Radetzky Café is the center of social life in Milan. In the morning you can enjoy there a cup of cappuccino, a toast and scrambled eggs, while reading a newspaper and listening to trendy music.
During the lunch time local mass media officials are gathering there and discuss the latest world events. But it’s particularly exciting to visit the café in the evening when all the famous people of Milan go to the cafe for an evening aperitif, to drink a couple of cocktails and share the latest news. It is always busy in the place, and you can witness how the life in Milan is flowing.
Address: Corso Garibaldi, 105, 20124 Milano

This cafe attracts locals and tourists by its simple snow-white design in Provence style, central location and of course, by excellent reviews of the guests. You can order a delicious lunch there and choose some wine from an extensive wine list.


However, the main reason why visitors come there is an ice cream, which is considered to be the best around Milan. It is strongly recommended to try there «Green Gold» pistachio ice crème.
Address: Via Filippo Turati 30, 20121 Milan

Doney Café
This is another well-known café in Milan located under the roof of the noble Principe di Savoia Hotel. Each year the five-star hotel with luxurious presidential suites welcomes dignitaries from around the world. Therefore, the hotel and Doney Cafe offer excellent service. As it should be in any elite cafe, the waiters are wearing starched shirts, and the guests are served tea in silver cups.
The best chefs of Milan are ready to meet the royal families, presidents and celebrities coming to the cafe. Every day at five o’clock in the evening you can join a majestic tea party there. If you come to Doney café in the morning you can meet there lots of businessmen holding business negotiations.
Address: Principe di Savoia Hotel

Panini de Santis
Maybe this café will not impress you with its stylish design, however, it will definitely make you feel confused for a while, since it will be not easy to choose from over 50 kinds of panini offered in the menu of the café. Panini de Santis is also famous for its wall of honor, on which all the famous visitors are depicted.
Address: Corso Magenta 9, 20123 Milan

Pasticceria Cova
This is one of the oldest cafes in Milan. Pasticceria Cova was founded in 1817 by a soldier named Antonio Cova. At that time it was popular among the upper class. Now you can find this cafe on Via Montenapoleone, which is the major street of Italian fashion capital.
It is highly recommended to try there espresso with whipped cream and plunge into the atmosphere of the early 20th century.
Address: Via Montenapoleone 8, 20121 Milan

Pasticceria Marchesi
This is another old cafe in Milan, which was founded in 1824. When you see the design of the café and the uniform of the personnel you’ll immediately realize that this café is really closely related to the past.


During Milan Fashion Week the café is serving cookies in the form of buttons, wallets, and other stylish items. It is exactly the place where you can order Panettone, which is Italian special Christmas cake, only a few weeks or even months before the event.
Address: Via Santa Maria alla Porta 11, 20123 Milan

By visiting any of these cafes you will have the opportunity not only to try the amazing Italian cuisine, but also to join the life of high society. The fans of luxurious and first-class comfort during the holidays can rent an exotic car and plan the route of a trip while enjoying a cup of delicious Italian coffee in a local café.