8 more ferocious dogs consider

8 more ferocious dogs consider

8 more ferocious dogs consider

8 more ferocious dogs considered

Dogs are some of the most adorable animals a person can have. There are very few other animals that can even approach a dog. Not even a cat can beat a dog to be the best friend of a man. That said, there are certain breeds of dogs that can be very fierce and can make you wet your pants if you treat them badly. Here is a list of 8 ferocious dogs in the world. These can be partners rather please get on the right track, but mess with them and can pay dearly.

1) Pit Bulls

8 more ferocious dogs consider

Talk about vicious dogs and pit bulls are one of the best races that come to mind. Of course, many hype has been performing with the media and Hollywood about his pit bull ferocity have originated in the United States and weighing between 30-55 lbs.`This race is the event of a cross among a race bulldog and terrier. The end is an abyss bull terrier so has the athleticism and strength and bravery of a bulldog terrier. While closing his jaw has been proven a myth, still it has one of the most ferocious bites. Most of the time these dogs were bred for dog fighting. Although these dogs are bred as pets normal today, there are still a race to be careful.


2)Doberman Pinscher


This is a hard race, loyal and aggressive dogs. These dogs can be delicate and wonderful family pets if they are properly trained. However, if you provoke them, they can be very aggressive and dangerous. These intelligent dogs and alarm systems also serve as watchdogs. No person may overflow guarded by a Doberman pinscher building, due to its tough and aggressive nature. These dogs can attack without a second thought if they perceive one to his own or owned threat. This is what makes some of the fiercest dogs in the world.




This breed of dogs come from Germany and weigh between 85-110 kg. They have strong and powerful jaws. The breed is mainly bred to guard. And you can expect a guard dog to be aggressive than a normal dog. Although these dogs are good-natured and obedient, usually he hates strangers and other dogs, as they are very territorial. This nature makes them very aggressive and ferocious.


4) German Shepherds

while the name submits, that breed display from Germany. A dog weighs an average between 70-100 kg. They were bred as guard dogs for sheep against the attacks of wild animals such as wolves. Now these are raised by both homeowners and police. It’s reliable and obedient temperament and excellent nature smart, agile and courageous dogs do. These are probably the most popular law enforcement dogs. This can be implemented reliably at airports for activities such as suction pumps, illegal drugs, and paraphernalia. They are very active dogs and need constant physical activity.


5) Boerboels

Boerboels from South Africa, when keeping animals on the farm are bred. Boerboel word means ‘Farmer dog’ in Afrikaans. The common belief is so those dogs arrive from the crossing of some African races and races brought by the Dutch, British and French settlers. They were also used as a first line of defense against predators. These dogs are known to be calm and stable while being agile, strong and brave. It is also known to have a strong territorial instincts they popular choice among farmers and makes watchdogs.


6) Boxer

The boxer born in Germany. These dogs have a very strong and agile, and can weigh between 50-70 pounds. His energetic and playful behavior gives them a label to be stubborn and difficult to train. Although they are highly energetic, they are not aggressive or violent in nature. They may also appear distant and hostile to foreigners. However, do not make the mistake of messing around with them how they can land you in serious trouble. The dog can attack anytime and anywhere, but only in certain circumstances. One of the reasons that make the dangerous dog is the lack of socialization. We must be extremely cautious when raising a boxer.


7) Presa Canario


those dogs reach from the Canary Islands. They are known to be dominant and have strong character. those were see to be bred as hunt and destroy machines and were normally used in fighting rings. They can lead to certain death if they attack their prey. They require regular training and early socialization to keep them obedient. They can be aggressive with strangers and other dogs in some situations. With proper training, you can be very sweet and noble for their families and to be great watchdogs.


8) Alaskan Malamute

This breed is known to be fierce because of his strong body and energy facade. They are usually quiet and faithful, while being independent, making them very difficult to train. It is known to have a great instinct for survival. They are feared for their skills and versatility to do things beyond a typical dog, like pulling a sled, reindeer and serve as a watchdog. They tend to be aggressive if they are bored. Therefore, they need attention, exercise and control to prevent the attack.


Therefore, these are some of the fiercest dogs in the world can be found. With proper training and raised, they can be the best friends you can get and if crossed, it can be very dangerous and may pay dearly.

By: EsamPim