Hiring, promoting, and developing the right people for the right job are some amongst the most important decisions an employer has to make. Many business owners, these days, use psychological assessment for making these crucial decisions in the organization.

What’s organizational psychological assessment all about?

Psychological assessment is empirical research designed to measure and evaluate a person’s thinking, learning and behavior. In an organizational setting, psychological assessment helps employers or decision makers to recruit, coach, retain, and develop resources.

The primary benefit of psychological assessments in an organization is that it provides an employer with data that is not easily obtained through basic employee evaluation tools such as an interview. It also helps an employer to identify the strengths and weaknesses of his/her employees and design focused training programs so as to coach them efficiently.

Following are a list of eight psychological assessments designed exclusively by therapists in Dubai to help local employers achieve their evaluation goals. It is a must read for employers and HR professionals who look forward to hiring the best resources for their organization.
1. ACER Select Series
The ACER Select Series are quick and easily administered test of verbal or numerical reasoning. They are suitable for recruiting in a variety of occupations, from sales and clerical to junior management and graduate selection. They assess general intellectual ability as demonstrated by the ability to see relationships and solve problems in verbal and numerical material.

The General Select is intended for candidates who are applying for technical, clerical and administrative positions.

The Professional Select is appropriate for candidates applying for positions where the work requires a high level of reasoning ability, or where these qualities will become more important as staff are promoted, e.g. graduate recruitment, managerial, or leadership roles.

2. Work Personality Index (WPI)
The Work Personality Index ® assessment provides a valid and dependable measure of personality that directly influences a person’s work performance and task effectiveness. Based on a model of 17 personality traits the Work Personality Index ® assessment helps describe an individual’s style in terms of job related strengths and weaknesses. These reports provide valuable information to assist with personnel selection, succession planning, leadership development, and coaching.

3. Employee Reliability Inventory (ERI)
The ERI is a risk management tool that helps the employer determine which individuals are most likely to become valued employees rather than organizational liabilities. The ERI will determine whether a candidate is low-risk or high-risk based on seven different scales. The ERI results are designed to assist employers in reducing: Turnover, Absenteeism, Work—related accidents and Theft.

4. Learning Styles Index (LSI)
The Learning Style Index summarizes the learning environment that energizes the employee, how they gather and use information, their approach to receiving feedback and making decisions, and how they organize and manage their employer’s time. Being aware of how one learns will help individuals become a more effective learner. Most individuals develop a preference for some learning styles and avoid using others. To engage in effective learning, one must become aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and ponder on when it may be more effective to use as an alternative style to reach their objectives. The Learning Styles Index report will help one discover their preferred learning style, helping them achieve their best results.

5. Psychometrics 360 Degree Tool for 360 Degree Feedback(P360)
The Psychometrics 360 tool shows how others view a leader or manager’s competencies enabling one to deliver a constructive feedback. The Psychometrics 360 tool has a simple and secure interface that is easy to administer online and responses remain confidential.

6. Stress Profile (SP)
The Stress Profile quickly identifies individual characteristics and behaviors that protect against or contribute to stress. This tool is used within organizational settings as part of wellness, stress management, and health promotion programs. Because it is quick and easy to administer, the Stress Profile is ideal for routine use in organizations.

7. Customer Service Aptitude Profile

The Customer Service AP evaluates the applicant in terms of: customer service strengths, potential strengths, and areas that need development. Validity scales identify applicants who have an unusually positive or usually negative style of self-presentation-and the scores of those applicants are automatically adjusted. In additions, the report includes recommendations for training and motivation. This assessment will help you evaluate candidates applying for customer service positions as well as identifying training/motivational needs for current employees.

8. Work Safe Predictor (WSP)
The WorkSafe Predictor is designed to assess patterns of thinking and acting that predict safe behavior and the likelihood of remaining free from workplace safety incidents. It provides insight into safety behavior that can be used in a developmental or selection context. This assessment is used for testing adults in business and industrial settings where safety is important. No industry specific language or technical jargon is used so the WorkSafe Predictor can be administered in any industry and with any position. Results can identify “low safety risk” individuals or identify employees who are “high safety risk”. It will help determine what aspect of the candidate’s behavior contributes to higher risk, providing opportunities to address those areas hindering safety. When administered to current employees, the WorkSafe Predictor will help determine the focus of training and development to enhance a positive safety culture.

These tests help organizations improve the quality of employee evaluation, and promote best practices among employers and employees in the organization.

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