8 Quick Diet Tricks

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There are some diets that work and many more diets that don’t work. Remember the Atkins Diet? If your New Year’s resolution was to lose a little weight for this year you probably do remember the Atkins Diet and several other dieting tricks that a number of friends and family have suggested over the years that didn’t have a great outcome for losing weight.

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Struggling with a New Year’s resolution to stick to the diet plan can be a difficult task and dieting successfully is hard to do. Is it becoming more difficult to follow the plan of attack for those 10 pounds you gained over the Holidays or lose the 20 pounds you promised you would work at? If so, these are 8 quick diet tricks to help you stay dedicated to your diet plan and lose weight this year.

1) picture yourself

A picture says a thousand words and can also say stick to your diet. If you are looking for a reason to say no to the foods that put on the pounds simply picture yourself looking thin.

Literally picture yourself. Get a picture of you at your thinnest and imagine this is how you will look after losing your extra pounds or a picture of you at your heaviest and imagine this is how you do not want to look. If you do not have a picture of yourself as you were thin, Photoshop one. Take a picture of you and digitally change it to make your image thin. Having a picture of yourself to remind you of your diet plan and what it will lead to are a wonderful way to see your resolution work.

2) bet on it

Gambling is generally not a good thing to promote, but when it comes to keeping the pounds off put your money where your mouth is. Betting on losing weight can have a positive effect on making you stick to a diet plan and making quick diet tricks work to success.

Place a bet with a family member or friend on how much weight you will lose or sticking to the plan of attack when it comes to a diet. Keeping your figure thin and your wallet fat can be of assistance with staying with a diet plan of action. You can certainly bet on it.

3) brush your teeth

Brush your teeth when those hunger pangs set in. this is a quick diet trick that can work wonders for a diet and your dental hygiene. Brush your teeth to keep your hands busy, your teeth clean and the pounds off.

When you have that urge for a late night snack, have a late night brush of your teeth instead.

4) color your way thin

Color is something that says a lot for a state of mind. This is why a clear blue sky is calming and yellow is associated with warmth and happiness. Colors have a lot to say whether you know it or not. Most people have a favorite color because of the way color makes you feel.

Did you know that you will eat more when your plate matches the color of your food? To color your way thin, use dishes that contrast with the color of your food. For an example, don’t eat spaghetti on a red plate and keep mac and cheese away from an orange or yellow bowl. You will eat less if the color of your plate or bowl does not match your food. This quick diet tip plays tricks with your subconscious and will help you stay with a diet that works.

5) use smaller plates or bowls

This quick diet trick has been on the list for a number of years. Though, the reason you see it continually is because it works. Use smaller plates and bowls to get smaller portions of food at each setting.

Eating smaller portions of food will definitely lead to losing weight. If you have the same activity to burn more calories you will lose weight. If you increase that activity and have less calories you will lose even more weight. Dieters that use smaller plates and bowls have seen the calories and pounds slide off.

6) drink more while you eat

If you drink more while you eat you can fill your empty stomach with liquids instead of solid food. It can also aid in making you feel fuller a lot faster with less food.

The quick diet trick to drink more while you eat your food means drinking something healthy. Don’t fill the drink with sodas or other drinks full of empty calories that defeat your dieting plan of action.

7) drink instead of eat

When you feel hunger tapping at your door, imagine not answering by having a drink instead of eating. Having a drink of water instead of a piece of cake is a quick diet trick that can make you healthier along with thinner.

Water is a fundamental addition to a healthy diet for everyone, including anyone that would like to lose weight. Drink a glass of water or other healthy drink instead of eating to fill your body with something good for it.

8) exercise instead of eating

This quick diet trick is one that a lot of people do not necessarily have on their list of diet alternatives. However, it certainly works. Getting the urge to exercise doesn’t hit a lot of people, but it will help to lose weight.

The dieter that uses exercise instead of eating can use variations to the form of exercise they choose. For an example, wash the windows or clean out a closet instead of having dessert after dinner. Exercise instead of eating for a quick diet trick to exercise instead of eating.
Diet plans are the best laid plans and finding a way to make them materialize can be found in several of these quick dieting tips and tricks. These are 8 quick diet tricks that can help you succeed at sticking to the plan or New Year’s resolution of losing weight this New Year.

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