8 reasons to have more plants in your home

8 reasons to have more plants in your home



Your home is the most welcoming place where you can be, then you have the opportunity to be yourself and have many of the things you love. That is why it must be space plus provide some benefits too like you, when you think of the decor consider using plants.


The plants not only decorate your home, you also provide different benefits.

According to Kansas State University, to take a wider example, there is evidence that hospitals that have in their decoration plants, recovery rates of surgical patients accelerate.

8 reasons to have more plants in your home



If this can be done at such a broad level, imagine what it can give you inside your home.


To make the idea more clearly we share some benefits under the Agriculture & Life Sciences at Texas A & M University and other specialists:


  1. Generate happiness. When you are surrounded by plants and flowers moods are improved and the chances of depression, especially related to stress are reduced.


  1. Help concentration. A study at the Royal College of Agriculture in Cirencester, England, notes that students demonstrate 70% more attention when they are taught in classrooms with plants.


  1. Improving relations. Research shows that people who spend long periods of time tend to have better relationships with others, which is due to increases in feelings of compassion.


  1. They purify the air. According to an NASA research, the plants help remove toxins from the air, and even 87% of volatile organic compounds every 24 hours.


  1. release water. Plants release moisture vapor, which in turn increases the air located around it, which helps maintain the clean airways and prevent dry skin.


  1. Increases energy. Plants often provide a sense of vitality, increasing energy levels and even make people feel more lively.


  1. Benefit mental health. Experts say that studies show that people with nature at his side have better mental health and a more positive outlook on life.


  1. Reduce stress. Those who devote time gardening are less stressed because the plants provide a sense of peace and calm.


Besides these reasons to have more plants in your home, it also makes it easier for you to breathe by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Aprovéchalas and enjoy the beauty that will see your home.


By: EsamPim