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8 Tips to Capture Vintage Style

If you the relaxing look of antiques and vintage furnishings, but felt like you didn’t know enough about vintage decorating to do it yourself, it’s time you got started. Every vintage look is a little different, which is one thing that makes it so special. Finding the right look for you is all about finding the special pieces that you love, and taking the time to build up a collection you’ll love for years. Here are 8 tips for getting started now.

Vintage style seems to capture long-ago romantic sensibilities. Vintage decorating can transfer even the smallest living spaces into something fabulous. Old metal, distressed wood, soft colors and the look of flowers: antique can be a very fresh way to redecorate your space. Here are 8 tips to get you started.

1. Add old to the new

You don’t need to wait until you can completely remodel to bring vintage style into your home. Pick the room you want to start with, and start adding vintage pieces that you love as you find them.

2. Add new to the old

Don’t limit yourself to used older items for a vintage look. Some things aren’t going to hold up as well as others over time. Vintage-look (but new) wallpaper or bedding may look fantastic, and you’ll know they will last, too.

3. Group collectibles

If you have dozens of antique bottles all over the house, it can look cluttered and junky. To capture a flea-market sense of style, display your favorite collectibles in groups. A collection of vintage bottles on a shelf or the mantle can make a statement and still look tidy.

4. Display vintage pieces in unexpected places

A vintage clock may make the perfect addition to a bathroom. Glass containers for pasta, or mismatched sugar bowels may be perfect for holding small items in the bathroom.

5. The statement piece

To jumpstart a gradual transition to vintage style, look for larger pieces that will make a big statement in a room. An old bicycle is the perfect touch of vintage that will get lots of attention in any room. A large framed picture or framed mirror is another item that can become a focal point for a room.

6. Refinish, recycle, reuse

Part of vintage style is taking things that might not be beautiful or useful, and finding a way to make it a beautiful addition to your home. If you’re willing to refinish or paint an old frame or wooden chair, you open up opportunities to find treasures that just need a little love to become a favorite vintage item. One not of caution: be careful about refinishing vintage furniture, signs, soda machines, etc. Losing the original look may be a mistake. YouTube has many videos available from do-it-yourself that can be helpful.

7. Plantation shutters and blinds

Adding plantation shutters outside, or wide plantation style blinds inside, immediately gives a home a vintage feel, plus you can cut your air conditioner use in the summer by blocking out the sun. You can find plantation shutters and blinds online. Blinds online can come in a variety of colors and materials, and still retain the plantation, vintage style.

8. Light fixtures and ceiling fans

Ceiling fans and light fixtures are available in many antique looks. Not only are they a beautiful addition, ceiling fans are also wonderful for keeping air conditioning bills down during the hotter months.

Search out flea markets and antique shops, collect pictures of looks that inspire you, and you’ll start building your own unique vintage look. Every vintage room is unique and bares the individual imprint of the decorator. Take time to find the pieces you’re going to love for years to come, and you’ll be glad you spent the time.

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