8 Useful Tips to reduce your weight naturally

Reducing weight in a natural way has unfortunately become a complicated process as it takes at least 2-3 months to produce the result in a significant manner. But people forget that all the artificial process are not going to help them in a long time process. They show the result in a short span but the sad thing is ,it is not permanent. My personal advice would be to go for natural ways of reducing weight that can take you a long way in reaching your dream fitness. Some of the below tips includes food and exercises that you need to include as well as you have to avoid in order to reduce your weight. So please go through it in a detailed manner rather than just seeing it in glimpses.

1. Stop Eating All Simple Carbs

Now what are simple carbs? They are simple carbohydrate. They are the nutrients that absorbs itself into the blood very quickly and provides a quick source of energy. The problem with these food nutrients is that they spike the blood sugar level which in turn makes the pancreas to release insulin and in total these sugar contents gets converted into fat.

Simple carbs includes: honey (not the natural one), soda, cookies, white bread, Ice cream, chocolates, blueberries, lemon, kiwi to name a few. Bananas are the exception here as they are rich in fiber content which is very essential in reducing the weight by burning lot of calories.

2. Increase your water Intake

First of all it is important to know that our body is approximately seventy percent water. Yes you read it right. So It is very essential to know how water helps us in reducing our weight.

a) Increases metabolism . ( Burns a lot of calories)

b) Flushes the toxic contents from our body.

Try to eliminate soda, sweet and soft drinks, fruit juices and alcohol. These things are not just unhealthy for you but they generate a lot of unwanted particles in your body that can be collectively termed toxic. Now i don’t think you need more reasons to eliminate such things from your diet.

3. Increase your Fiber Intake

It is very important to have fiber content in your diet. They are not just useful to burn calories but all fiber contents are healthy and good for you. The basic thing is to eat at least something around 10 slices of fruits and vegetable each and every day. Fruits with high fiber includes: Bananas, Strawberry, citrus fruits and many others.

White bread is very low in fiber. So switch over to whole grain or whole wheat bread. They are very healthy too.

Similarly switch over to breakfast with high fiber cereals and oatmeal. Just click on the images for details on high fiber cereals. Always try to have a healthy and balanced breakfast as it plays a vital role in our metabolism. The below three are very high cereal fiber content. So make sure to click them and plan your breakfast in a more balanced way.

4. Eliminate Processed Foods

Processed foods are generally the one with very low carbohydrate content. Always prefer complex carbohydrate food contents. Oats, Brown Rice are some such food contents that are healthy as well. Processed food include: burgers, pizza, cakes, pasta and so on. Remember that oats are very essential to be included in the morning breakfast as it helps a lot in keeping us healthy and making sure that the metabolism is increasing. Moreover they are very much affordable too. Just Click on the below images to know more about them.

5. Never Eat after 8.30 pm

Make it a habit not to eat during nights. During night, the body and its activity tends to be very slow and food intake does not help in metabolism. So there is a high chance that you will gather more weight as you eat after 8-9 pm.

6. Exercise Every day

Exercise helps you a lot in burning out calories which is the key to reduce your weight. There are many simple exercises that can contribute a lot to you physically.

Knee sitting exercise helps a lot in keeping your buttocks muscle fit which is one of the largest muscle in our body.

Jumping Ropes helps a lot too in keeping our muscles stronger. Bicycling can also burn the calories to a great extent provided you pedal in a faster and consistent manner. You can expect to burn around 600-900 calories according to various studies. Search for more exercise that can help your cardiovascular systems.

7. Keep it Simple

The very important process in our weight reduce steps is to be motivated. Never push yourself into a situation as if you are facing starvation. As soon as you complicate the process mentally, you will not be able to adhere to simple food intakes. Keep it simple and you will see the result as you follow these transform steps.

8. Don’t Forget to take pictures and use fat caliper

Shoot pictures of yourself every 15 days of front, back and side ways. The side picture shows the weight reduction in a significant manner to your naked eyes. Measure your body regularly. Use fat caliper to prove the results to your mind and keep yourself motivated. To know more about fat caliper, just use the below image link.

fat caliper

No need to worry if you don’t have a fat caliper. It is very cheap and available in almost all online shops. Do not look around for simply fast ways, instead look for more natural ways to reduce your weight in a very significant manner.

I would love to have your feed backs after reading this article as it helps me a lot in writing articles with some research works.

Photo credit: Dieting picture used is from pixabay