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8 Ways to Prevent Your Snoring

It may appear that the whole world is now snoring, but I believe it’s always been this way. It’s just that people are more aware of this problem because of the sleep studies that are being done, and they are also aware of how much snoring can affect their health.

Not only is snoring loud and disruptive to others, but it can be very dangerous to your health. One problem that is very dangerous is sleep apnea. You literally stop breathing in your sleep, and the time frame can be from a few seconds to a few minutes.

That in itself may not be bad, but the problem is that it doesn’t just happen once, then go away. It happens all night long. This puts extra pressure and strain on your heart, and could cause high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and possibly death.

So here are some ways to prevent snoring and hopefully using these 8 tips will bring you and your partner some relief at night. Please enjoy.

Ways to Prevent SnoringTry Using Blocks

Under your bed that is. Putting blocks under the legs at the head of your bed will raise the bed a few inches, causing your head to be elevated. This prevents the soft tissue at the back of your throat from dropping down and closing off your air way. If your air way is blocked, it makes breathing more difficult and causes you to snore.

Take A Hot Shower

The steam from your hot shower will help relieve any nasal or sinus congestion you may have, that is causing you to breath through your mouth while sleeping. The steam will also keep your throat moist.

Sleeping On Your Side

Sleeping on your side seems to help a lot of people. Sleeping this way prevents your throat from relaxing and blocking your air way. Any position that prevents this from happening, will more than likely prevent snoring. This is why you shouldn’t sleep on your back.

Avoid Alcohol

You can also prevent snoring by avoiding that last drink. You might want to also consider not taking sleeping pills. These two cause snoring by affecting your central nervous system, which causes your throat muscles and jaw to relax to the point that breathing is difficult. Thus the snoring. If you think you need these two items in order to sleep, then you should consult with your physician immediately.

Using Pillows That Are Firm

Using firm pillows is another way of sleeping that will allow your air way to remain open. Anytime your head is elevated, your snoring problems should stop. Soft pillows allow those throat muscles to relax and close off your air way.

Use A Mandibular Advancement Device

This is a device that is worn in your mouth and helps keep your lower jaw pushed forward. This keeps your airway open and prevents snoring. It can be fitted by your dentist and is found to be at least 90% effective in preventing snoring.

Loose Weight

Losing weight will help with a lot of health problems, including snoring. When you gain weight, the extra skin around your neck will put extra pressure on your airway. This causes difficulty in breathing which results in you snoring.

Avoid Taking Antihistamine Before Bedtime

Taking antihistamines for your allergies and congestion before bedtime will only make your snoring worse. Use the steam bath to reduce your congestion and try cleaning out your sinuses with a homemade saline solution of…

1 tsp. salt

1 cup of water

Boil this for about 10 minutes. When it cools, put a few drops into each nostril before going to bed.
If your snoring doesn’t stop and it has lead to sleep apnea, then you have to seek the help of your physician.

Sleep apnea needs to be studied by a sleep disorder physician, and can be corrected with the proper diagnosis and by wearing a CPAP machine. This machine fits over either your mouth and nose, or just your noise, and forces a gentle stream of air down your throat to keep it open, which allows you to breath and not snore.

This completes Ways to Stop Snoring – 8 Stop Snoring Tips. If you snore, hopefully some or all of these ways to stop snoring will be able to help you.



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