9 advantages of using Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels

Solar Photovoltaic or Solar panel electricity panels use the photovoltaic cells to capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. The electricity that is produced in this way can be used for running household appliances and lighting. More and more people are using Solar PV panels as they offer numerous benefits.
Here are the 9 major advantages of using Solar Photovoltaic panels:
1. Solar PV panels use solar energy that is free and is available in abundance. By using solar PV panels for generating electricity, households are able to save considerable amount of energy.
2. During the process of electricity generation through solar PV panels, no harmful gases are released into the environment. Since Solar PVs produce clean and green energy, they are considered environmentally-friendly and safe.
3. You can reduce your carbon footprint by installing a solar photovoltaic panel in your home. A typical home solar PV panel can save almost a tonne of carbon dioxide per year and over thirty tonnes over the lifetime.
4. Solar power panels are easy to install. They can be installed on the rooftop or on the ground without causing any interruption or problem to your normal lifestyle.
5. Solar photovoltaic panels are renewable energy systems and are therefore promoted by the Government. Special tax benefits and credits are allowed to people who make use of solar PV panels.
6. You can even sell back the electricity to the grid if your system is producing more electricity than what you need. This ways you can earn money out of your solar PV panels.
7. Solar PV panels do not produce any noise while producing electricity. They are ideal for use in urban areas and in residential applications.
8. Since Solar PV panels do not feature any moving parts, there are no or fewer instances of breakages and repairs and maintenance. Operating and maintenance cost is almost negligible.
9. Solar photovoltaic panels result in tremendous savings. A 4kWp system can generate roughly around 3,700 kilowatt hours of electricity a year which is equivalent to a typical electricity need of a household. You can save almost $770 per year on your electricity bills.
Install solar PV panel today and enjoy the above benefits.