9 Benefits of Gardening

Do you love gardening? Gardening and container gardening can be a lot of fun when you like to get your hands dirty and reap the many benefits for your time and efforts. Whether you love to work in a garden to grow any number of beautiful plants and flowers or you enjoy decorating your space with container gardening or even when you enjoy working on a large plot of land to grow vegetables and fruits for you, your family and friends, gardening can be very beneficial.

Many individuals love to get down and dirty while creating something really special when it comes to gardening. There are many different types of plants, flowers and herbs that you can grow. However, everyone knows that while you are gardening you will need to be patient while nature takes its course. For some individuals, gardening comes easy; most of these types of people are know as having a green thumb. However, for so many others, gardening can be most challenging when they simply want to enjoy the pleasures that so many others do naturally.

imageGardening With Perennials Month by Month


Regardless of whether you are an experienced gardener or a novice, you can find all sorts of helpful information from others, by reading books or doing some research online. The best things about gardening are the various benefits that come with it. Here are 9 benefits of gardening.

– Gardening is Relaxing

For many people gardening has a relaxing influence, there is just something really special about getting in there and getting your hands dirty as well as tending to plants that causes one to thoroughly enjoy their gardening activities. Therefore, if you are searching for something that can help you relax, gardening may be just what you are searching for when you need to relax. Give it a try!

– Gardening provides an Excellent means of Exercise

Gardening is not only relaxing; it is one of the most excellent means of getting some exercise. Regardless of your age or condition, you may want to consider adding some gardening activities to your life to help keep you healthy by getting the exercise you need on a regular basis.

image2-3 ft. – Burning Bush


– Gardening is a Great way to Decorate Your Home and Property

Whether you are working with container gardening or you are gardening a big plot of land, gardening is a great way to decorate your home and property. Whether inside or outside, if you want the earthy sense of comfort, gardening is an excellent choice. You can use container gardening inside or outside if you like. Using this type of gardening is very popular with the young and old as well as those who live in small spaces and have no yard or garden to work with. You can create a beautiful home environment while gardening indoors or outdoors.

– Gardening Connects You to Nature and the World Around You

When you are ready to get back to nature or you are interested in a green lifestyle, gardening connects you to nature and the world around you. The feelings you can connect with while gardening are earthy and deep, so much so that it is hard to explain those feelings. Perhaps, saying that it involves sensations that are not only good fun, but in some sense you are able to connect with the most fundamental energies of the earth while gardening, whether you have a very large garden or even just a few plants in containers. You should try it and find out for yourself.

– Gardening is a Creative Experience

When it comes to thoroughly enjoying a creative experience, there is nothing at all that can get your juices going quite the way that gardening can do for you. You can take the time to create your gardening plans or if the mood suits you, you can just plant whatever you want. However, it is recommendable to do some research into any type of plant you want to grow and pay special attention to each plant needs and requirements for sunlight, watering, fertilizing and so on.

– Growing a Food Garden is Eco-friendly and Saves Money

Today many individuals and families are returning to growing a food garden because it is so eco-friendly and helpful to the environment as well as a means to save money. This is not surprising when you consider all the artificial additives, preservatives and chemicals that may come with buying produce from a local grocer. Create a happy, healthy home by growing a food garden; you will be glad you did, while enjoying your own homegrown fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables.

image4-5 ft. – Eastern Redbud


– Gardening makes a Wonderful Educational Experience for Your Family and Children

Children love to learn and they generally have no limitations of getting dirty. Learning how to garden is a wonderful educational experience you can share with your family and children. Actually, some children may even surprise you with some of their own abilities to grow things. For them, gardening can be fun and exciting and who knows, you may even have more than a few green thumbs in the family.

– Gardening provides Curb Appeal to You Home

Just about everyone, loves seeing or visiting a home that has curb appeal. You can make quite an impression in your own neighborhood when you decide to take on this type of gardening project. Not only do you benefit from the exercise and relaxation that comes with growing your own plants, flowers, herbs and trees, you can also become the envy of your own neighborhood by increasing your curb appeal with your creative gardening.

– Gardening Adds Value to Your Home Real Estate Investment

You know how much you paid for your home. You know its value and worth. When you make an effort to increase your curb appeal by gardening, you also add value to your home and property real estate investment. Getting out there and making the best of what you have by including some garden updates is one sure way to increase the value of your home.