9 easy ways to make money at youtube

Youtube as you know is a video hosting site that gets millions of hits a day. This is one of the top five sites in terms of traffic as mentioned by alexa. Whenever we do a search on Google, a youtube video appears 60% of the time.

Do you get a question like this?

‘ Why do people upload videos to youtube?’

The two answers are:

1. For the sake of fun or to share videos with their friends and others.

2. To make money. Majority of the uploads are here for money. But they lack certain things like quality. Some upload the copyrighted material and hence do not gain anything. Here is the detailed step by step procedure of earning royalties using youtube.


1. A good camera if you are going to shoot a video.

2. Powerpoint to video converter if you are trying to put an instructional video.

3. Original content. Even a bit of music in the videos must not be copyrighted material.

4. Screen casting or recording software.

Now here are the details of the methods.

1. Upload quality content. If you are accepted into partner program, then you start making money from adsense. Do not apply to Utube partnership program. You face the problem of getting rejected. If your video is worth for it, partner program invitation for that video will be mailed to you.

2. If you have good quality videos, then you have the chance of accepting direct ads in the form of pre roll ads. The amount earned depends on CPM. That is the cost per thousand impressions. The average earnings as claimed by the users are 2$/cpm.

3. Promote affiliate products from sites like share a sale, click bank, amazon and others. Earn royalties in the form of comissions when ever you refer a sale.

4. If you have a blog then upload relevant videos to it and enhance your traffic which gets converted into money if you apply monetisation to your blog.

5. If you know the concepts of SEO and v-blogging, then start a wordpress blog. Get some traffic to it and monetize it.

6. Sites like Snipsly , infopirate, best-reviewer, yousaytoo allow the users to earn money for bookmarking.

7. Sites like flixya and indyarocks allow users to share adsense revenue by embedding videos from youtube and others.

8. Make videos for others and sell them. Example: A descriptive one regarding an educational institution or the services offered by a company.

9. Sell your own products by advertising them through videos. Start the journey. There are people making millions with viral videos like ‘keyboard cat’. You could be the next millionarie.


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