News 9 Things You Need to Gift Yourself

9 Things You Need to Gift Yourself


In between chores, responsibilities, and duties, we often find ourselves living one day to another checking off tasks from to-do lists. Eventually, it takes a toll on our energy and the effect manifests itself as stress, irritation, and lack of interest. A simple way to keep ourselves energized and happy is to take out time for doing what we like. The article tells what gifts we can give ourselves to keep brimming with positivity. Read on.

Life these days is too rushed. You have your work, family, and friends to keep you busy – and the information overload from social media doesn’t help either. The common victims of this routine are your peace of mind, your ability to focus, and the energy to get up every morning with enthusiasm. And so, whether you accept it or not, the fact remains that you need to input some happiness in yourself to give out your best in tasks that you have to take on.

But how would you do that? One good idea to do that is to gift yourself something once in a while, however little that thing may be. Here are some of our suggestions.

1. Fresh flowers: Who wouldn’t like a burst of color for their office desk, and what’s better to do that than get some fresh blossoms? There’s no law against buying flowers for yourself. Go ahead and pick some of your favorite stems.

2. A good book: Perhaps you already have a pile waiting for you on the night table. Pick one and make it your commute buddy. Your morning will thank you for the knowledge.

3. A meeting with an old friend: You can never under-estimate the importance of old friends, no matter how many new ones you make. Social media is not the same as calling up and having a long chat. Better still, if he or she is in town, meet up for coffee or call them home, like the good old days.

4. A cool coffee mug: Designer, cool, or kitsch, whatever your preference is, get yourself a coffee mug to remind yourself about the good things in life every time you take sip from it. You can always find designer mugs online.

5. Connection with nature: How long has it been since your fingers touched anything other than screens and buttons? Try gardening and planting saplings in the soil with your bare hands. Try walking barefoot on grass. Connect with nature, and let your body respond to the natural stimuli.

6. Deep breaths: It is understandable that sometimes, life is too hectic to slip out for ‘me’ time. At moments like these, immersing yourself in the present helps you keep going through the difficult phase. Inhale for 5 seconds, retain for 6, and exhale for 7. Repeat. Gift yourself a few deep breaths of energy.

Above everything, make conscious effort to make time exclusively for yourself. Switch off the technology. Switch on to life. Even if for just a few hours.

That’s all we have for now. Let us know what you think about it. Bouquets, brickbats and everything else are welcome in the comments section below.

 9 Things You Need to Gift Yourself
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