9 Tips To Make Your Skin Smooth and Fine

This skin gossip is about your lifestyle, and it reveals inevitably if you get too little sleep, too much junk food or too much sun. But it also gossips about all the good things you do for yourself. Here are 9 tips on what to eat to have healthy and beautiful skin!


Do you suffer from water shortages seen it first in the skin. Are you getting enough water, the skin becomes dry and greyish. For that is the last in the food chain and internal, vital signs, body-emptive rights to the water if you get depleted. Therefore, it is important that you daily drink between one and a half to two liters of fluid – not counting coffee and soft drinks, just water and herbal teas. This ensures correct fluid and the skin becomes healthy, radiant and soft.


Sol is notoriously not good for your skin because it accelerates the aging and can cause pigmentation changes. You can strengthen protection from the inside. Carrots contain beta carotene which has a protective effect on skin when exposed to UV radiation. At the same time prolongs the carrot the coveted color from a walk in the sun.

Green and Red Tea

Red and green tea are, like berries, extremely rich in antioxidants, they slow the aging process of the skin. In China and Japan, the visible signs of aging later than it does in the West and it is due to their high consumption of tea, in contrast to our high consumption of coffee.

Chili, garlic and ginger

This trio is good for building up the body from within and ensure a beautiful skin. They are all anti-inflammatory and acts as workers who build up inside it as coffee, cola and stress degradation.

Whole meal

Whole grains do not directly wonders for your skin, but do so indirectly. It is impossible to keep healthy eating if you are constantly hungry. So it is good to eat bread and other whole grains to ensure that you do not suddenly go berserk in the cookie jar. Because if you get too much sugar, your blood sugar rises. And it breaks down skin cells and give it a grayish color.


When you rewarded yourself with a delicious cupcake or ice cream (hand on heart, that happens of course quite often), you can make it up if you throw in you a handful of almonds or walnuts afterwards. Since they have a stabilizing effect on blood sugar. And as an extra bonus, they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids are good for your skin.


This colorful vegetable has a high content of vitamin C that helps the skin to produce elastic fibers and connective tissue, giving you a smooth skin and keep aging at bay.

Plain yogurt

The healthy bacteria in yogurt prevent dry skin, eczema and other inflammatory conditions in the body. But it must not be too much fat and sugar when you take a bowl of yogurt. And stay completely away from dairy products if you suffer from acne, because it can make it worse