9 to 5 Online Marketing Jobs Have Their Merits, Too

Don’t fret if your internet business didn’t do as well as you thought it would. We all live and learn. Rather than wasting your skills and talent you’ve learned, why not find online marketing jobs that pay you to learn how to do it well?

Getting a Job Isn’t Admitting Defeat

There’s something so fantastically appealing about wanting to work for yourself, setting your own hours and making your money. Your time is your own. You can do whatever you want with it.

But if the landlord is bugging you about the rent, the electric is about to be shut off, and you’re not even sure if you’ve gas to get to the gas station, it’s time to get a real and get a job.

Any job will do, but you don’t have to let your internet marketing skills go to waste. More than likely there are digital marketing companies, media groups, publishers or even businesses in your local area that online marketers.

Local businesses know that the internet is the way to get heard and seen. They know they need a website. However, they simply don’t know how to go about doing this.

Local Businesses Are A Hot Market

Local businesses have money. They may be brick and mortar, but they have money, and they want more business. They also tend not to have much experience in SEO. Some of them actually do.

However, they don’t really have the time to manage their websites because they’re too busy running their businesses. That’s where digital marketing companies come in. No matter how big or how small your city is, there’s likely to be a digital marketing / SEO company somewhere. A digital marketing company is ideal.

They may be independent, or they may be associated with a publishing or communications company. The more solid the company, the better that is for you. It means they’re stable, they’re organized and you get paid on time.

How Do You Find Good Online Marketing Jobs?

Quite frankly, I checked Craigslist. That’s how I found the job I was looking for. Here’s basically how I did it:

  1. Click on any city you wish to work in
  2. Click on title “Jobs”
  3. Type “seo” or “freelance writer” or whatever title you’re looking for.
  4. Check out the results

The more in-depth and specific jobs descriptions are the ones I pay attention to. They tell you the exact skills they’re looking for in a professional bullet point format. Plus, they give you an idea of the Salary compensation.

If they also throw in how many days a week and how many hours you’re expected to work, even better. The most specific, the better.

Avoid job positions that tell you to set up an AIM, Yahoo chat account or anything like that. Those are usually scams trying to sell to you. A legitimate business has an HR department will typically call you.

You can also check Monster, Careerbuilder, Indeed and other jobs sites. But I found Craigslist to be the easiest and the most direct.

Benefits of Working in an Online Marketing Job

The pay might not be super stellar when you’re starting off with a digital marketing company, but the amount of knowledge you gain working with brick and morta businesses is immense.

You have no choice but you really commit to your clients, understand their clientele, learn to work with their account executives or marketing assistants, deal with different personalities and experience levels.

Yes, you’re responsible to a boss who signs your paycheck, but you’re more than just an employee doing a job. You start thinking like a business who’s helping another business. Plus, you have complete leverage to be creatie and think outside of the box.

You have complete access to the top tier level SEO, keyword, analytics, metrics and software because your company can afford to buy them where you might not have been able to when you were doing it on your own. A whole new world opens up.

Most importantly, if your company is smart, they stay ahead of company trends. You get exposure to a whole new side of business that makes you an extremely valuable asset with other companies or with your own online business in the future.