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What exactly spurred Bin Laden(R.I.P) and Al Queda to pursue such activity? Was it foreign policy gone sour? Bin Laden was said to be friendly towards the West at one time. What changed this man? Was it what he perceived as unwelcomed intrusions into the terrorities considered sacred to muslims-sovreign territories? Was it what he considered American Greed? What spurred his Anglo-American hatred? Did Bin Laden want the control of the oil to lie in the hands of the producing countries? Whatever his reason-people certainly listened. But they haven’t changed. Only that we in a recession.

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I felt for him at one stage until i realised that Jihad serves no purpose except to replace a lesser evil with a much greater evil. Bombing the world trade centre twin towers was an act of rebellion at the current global economic policies which creates terrible imbalances in the lives of many globally. The haves and the have-nots. It was purely an act of aggression and terrible cowardice. Let their deaths not be in vain. Thanks.

It shows there’s something seriously flawed with our politics and priorities. No means no! Stay out of other countries! But, while we sit back and take stock, we should also work on eliminating further threats to our peaceful co-existence. Sala mailikum my muslim friends and Eid Mubarak! I pray that muslims will reconcile their differences with Western Ideologies through peaceful negotiations. Get rid of extremists from among you.

My friends in the west, grieve your loss. Cry my friends. Cry till you tears are done. But find it in your hearts to forgive. Now that Bin Laden has been eliminated the threat continues, so we must continue to guard against all forms of Jihad. Psychological and other.

Let’s make an international effort to keep the world free of international terror.

Let’s obseve a moment of silence!


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