A Background Investigation For A Real Estate License?

It is a sign of the times: you want to get into selling real estate, but before you are able to do so, you must pass background investigation for a real estate license. Even though you may be one of many applicants who are looking for employment as a realtor or agent as an upstanding citizen of your country, there might still be some concern about what is included in your background investigation and how that information could potentially exclude you from obtaining a real estate license. You may also be like many others and wonder why these background investigations are even required in the first place. Let’s see what happens under normal circumstances and possibly set your mind at ease, shall we?

What Is Checked During the Background Investigation

A background investigation for a real estate license usually consists of several reports and are usually ordered by the licensing authority if you are going to be an independent contractor or by your prospective employer. The most common reports are generated about you are reports about your criminal history, including both misdemeanor and felony convictions, a current credit report, your employment history, and a civil lawsuit history, including open judgments.

Why Are Background Investigations Done?

A vast majority of states require all applicants submit to a background investigation for a real estate license. This is done to insure the general public’s safety and negate any liabilities the state may face should they allow a nefarious individual the ability to sell real estate. This is in line with other occupations that have contact with sensitive populations of the general public with little or no supervision because should something negative happen that involves you and you have a questionable history, then those who hired or licensed you are culpable financially for your actions. Make sure to check out specific regulations and laws in your area to avoid going through the process only to find you will be disqualified from holding a license.

What Will Disqualify Me?

A felony conviction will almost certainly disqualify you if it is found during the background investigation for a real estate license. Other convictions could disqualify you as well, but it depends on the specific charges and the regulations of each state, though theft related offenses will also generally exclude you whether it is a felony charge or not. Having an open case could also prevent you from getting certified in your area, especially if you have a history of charges being filed against you. Civil suits and open civil judgments are also potential disqualifiers, as is a poor credit history as these are viewed as potential liabilities in allowing you unsupervised access to homes and properties.

Information these days is power, so knowing what is in a background investigation for a real estate license will allow you to prepare your best application and know what you may need to discuss in order to successfully obtain your license.