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A Beginners’ Guide: How to Use Airdrop On Mac and iOS Device (iPhone/iPad)

AirDrop is an amazing file sharing technology for Apple users. By using AirDrop, you can share links, files, and media content from one Mac to another Mac or from one iOS device to another iOS device. With the advent of Yosemite and iOS 8, not just you can AirDrop between Macs but now you can even AirDrop iOS to Mac or vice versa. In this article, you will read more about this Apple’s peer-to-peer file sharing device.

If you are a new user of Apple devices, then it is worth learning how to use Airdrop on Mac or iOS devices. It will help you in wirelessly transferring files between Apple devices.

The tool functions through the device-to-device connection technology that uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. If you are using Mac systems with OS Lion up to OS X Mavericks, then you can send files only from one Mac to another Mac but not to iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, etc. To AirDrop Mac to iOS, you need the latest OS X, i.e., Yosemite. Similarly, iOS devices running on iOS 7 can transfer files only to iOS device. For AirDrop iOS to Mac, you need iOS 8 compatible devices.

Thus, transferring files from Mac to iOS or vice versa is feasible only when the operating systems of the devices are Yosemite and iOS 8. Both the devices must have the right operating system.

How to Use Airdrop on iPad or iPhone?

Using this file transferring tool is easy as you don’t need to do any settings of configuration. It is the easiest method to share files, links, photos, videos, etc. from one Apple device to another. To use the tool on your iPhone or iPad, perform the following steps:

• On your iPhone/iPad, open the ‘Control Center.’

• Tap the ‘AirDrop’ button

• Select ‘Everyone’ if you are sending or receiving files from someone not in your contact list, else select ‘Contacts.’

• Selecting ‘Everyone’ will make your iPhone or iPad visible to all Apple devices located within 30 feet area.

• Selecting ‘Contacts’ will make your device visible only to those Apple users who are included to your contact list

• Now, tap on the icon of the Apple user with whom you wish to share that content

• The content will get shared

• Your receiver will get the notification about the incoming file

• He has to accept it to receive the file.

How to Use Airdrop on Mac?

• First keep your Mac’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled.

• Then move to Finder

• Click the ‘AirDrop’ button.

• In the newly opened window, you will get to see the user icon of all the nearby devices that have AirDrop enabled on it.

• Make sure that the AirDrop window is open in both the sender and receiver devices

• Now, select the content you want to share.

• Drag and drop that content over the AirDrop icon of the user to whom you wish to send the file.
In the receiving device, an alert will notify the incoming file. Your receiver requires you accepting the incoming file and then the sharing will begin. However, the files get shared very instant. Once the receiver accepts the incoming file, it gets delivered on his device within a blink of eyes.


Using AirDrop on Mac or iOS device is not at all difficult as you need to perform a few simple steps. After reading this post, you must have got the clear idea on how to use AirDrop on Mac or how to use it on iOS devices. Thus, now you can start using the tool to send or receive content or files from other Apple devices. You will certainly be amazed by the easy user interface (UI) of the tool and its optimum speed in transferring the files.

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