A brand new approach to personnel motivation

In the current economic circumstances it is difficult to overestimate the role of the human factor in the lifecycle of any organization. Even the most advanced control system does not lead to success if the state of the organization will not be composed by dedicated professionals. In modern conditions when searching for ways to improve the productivity of the company, the emphasis moves to the motivation of each individual worker.

First steps managers should make to motivate their staff

A manager has to thoroughly look through the person to understand what he or she loves doing, because most people do not have the slightest idea what kind of activities they like and what their special gift is. When a makes or does pleasant things, this person experiences satisfaction and happiness. It creates a special atmosphere in the company.

To take the first active steps to successful results, managers should analyze a typical working day of every single worker with Workexaminer. The results of analysis will show the tempo of performing a single task and the productivity of each worker within a day or a week. The task of each manager is to create incentives for employees to work more and better with motivation. Each manager should refer to the mental state of a person to determine dynamics of motivation.

A single organization acts like a single family unit

A. Morita is the founder of the Sony Corporation. He describes fully the main features of the Japanese model of motivation. They consider it inappropriate and unnecessary to define the responsibilities of each employee too often. They all learn to act like a family where everyone is willing to do what is necessary at the moment. If somewhere made a mistake, it is considered bad for the manager to begin to find out who made it.

Foreign companies allow such minor things to happen as paying too much attention the appearance of the building and furnishing of the offices. The Japanese company managers prefer to take care of the atmosphere inside the factories, the creation of a comfortable, simple and pleasant working environment, which they believe has a direct impact on the quality of products.

In America, people are used to the system when a person sells his labor for a fee. This is good to some extent, because people know that they must work hard to make money, otherwise they will be fired. In Japan employers take risks by promising people permanent employment and then they face the need to constantly motivate them. A big mistake is to think that money is the only way to pay for work. People need money, but they want to enjoy their work and be proud of it.


The results of staff motivation appear soon. The main task of the managers is to remain the process at the same level. Motivation of each worker should look like as if you started dating with an awesome person. You will do your best to please that very individual and make him or her fall in love with you. If an ordinary worker loves his job, it will bring not only pleasure and satisfaction, but an increasing income for the company.