A Brief Guide to Money Tree Plant Care

It is comparatively easy to take money tree plant care than other indoor plants, as they are less susceptible to pest or diseases. The other name of Malabar chestnut is money tree. It is a native South American plant that yields small, brown nuts flavoring similar to peanuts. This plant is commonly used to serve the purpose of Feng Shui in order to bring positivity and prosperity to the owner of the plant.

Money Tree Pant Care: Watering and Fertilizing

After planting your money tree in good soil, the next thing you need to do is to water and fertilize it. For proper money tree plant care, you need to water it after every seven to ten days. It does not need a lot of watering. So, just dampen the soil and spray water to keep the foliage refreshed. To avoid leaf burn, refrain from watering the foliage when the plant is under direct sunlight. Use liquid fertilizer to feed the plant. To determine the right amount of fertilizer, follow the directions of manufacturers. The tree does not require any fertilizer during the winter season.

Proper Temperature and Sunlight Exposure for Money Tree Plant Care

As a native plant of South American swamps, money tree cannot tolerate a temperature below 28 degrees F. However, that does not mean that it can tolerate extreme heat. To take money tree plant care, you need to place it in a spot that is neither extremely hot nor severely cold. It best grows in rotating exposure to shade and sunlight. However, overexposure or direct exposure to sunlight can result in burnt leaves and loss of foliage. They can tolerate cold but only to a limited degree. During extreme cold, you need to move them to a warmer environment.

Pruning for Money Tree Plant Care

Money tree plants have certain benefits from pruning. Spring season is the ideal time for pruning this tree. Cutting the stems initiates the growth of the main stem. Regular pruning for money tree plant care helps strengthening the trunk so that is can support the weight of the leaves. Pruning also induces the growth of the tree size. Along with older foliage, you should take care and prune calluses too.

Pest Control for Money Tree Plant Care

You should check your plants for pests and insects for at least once per week. Mealybugs, red spider mites, and aphids are the common insects that generally attack money plants. These pests can hinder the growth of the plants. For your money tree plant care, you should apply proper methods to kill these insects. Rubbing the affected parts with alcohol dipped cotton swab is a good way to keep insects away. To get rid of the insects permanently, you have to repeat this process for some days. Be careful about the use of pesticides as these plants are very sensitive to such agents.

You should perform regular cleaning process for your plants. Removing dry leaves, watering properly, using fertilizer and insecticide if needed, regular pruning, etc. are some of the methods that you can apply for an overall money tree plant care.