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A Brief Introduction to cPanel Addons

Websites are very essential to have an online presence to reach your customers and impress your clients. A website adds credibility to your business and makes it easy to bridge the gap between you and your potential client or customer. Every website is hosted on a web server which needs to be monitored using a web host control panel or simply cPanel. cPanel is a web hosting control panel that provides tools and interfaces to simplify the website hosting process. An addon domain can be created on the cPanel consisting of various cPanel addons which are useful for server management and website building. Here is a list of the most essential cPanel addons you would need as a website owner to explore the full functionality of your website and use it to benefit your business/organization/cause.

1. Auto Installers

You don’t have to be a website developer to come up with your own site. There are popular web applications available such as WordPress and Joomla! which let you build you design your website even if you are not a great fan of coding. However installing these applications and getting the licenses approved is a painstaking task. Auto Installers can automate these installations for you and help you get started on your website venture.

2. Site Builders

Now that you are building your own website you need constant assistance and guidance on how to do it. Site Builders as the name implies help you build the site by providing various tools such as customizable templates which let you design your website as you wish and make it presentable as well as profitable.

3. Server Monitors

As told before, websites need to be hosted on web servers which are nothing but disk spaces online to keep your website up and running. However these servers would be hosting a number of sites like yours and often experience downtime (decrease in speed, user interface etc.) due to overload of traffic from one of the sites. With Server Monitor cPanel addons it is able to monitor your server, get reports on its performance and reboot whenever needed to increase its functionality.

4. Helpdesk Systems

Have you seen one of those chat boxes that appear on many websites which invite you for a live chat? If you are a customer or client oriented website which relies on constant communication, your online presence needs to be as user friendly as possible. Helpdesk Systems are those cPanel addons that are designed to take the full advantage of helpdesks such as chat boxes, email and call support.
There are many addon providers in the market who can provide you with these cPanel addons. Choose the ones that are most needed for your site. And more importantly, choose the ones which can make your job easy and not complicated!

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