A Bright Little Gem: the Google Nexus 7 Tablet PC

I bought my Google Nexus 7 tablet about 18 months ago. I was about to go on a trip to Europe, and I wanted a way to access the internet while traveling. This tablet runs Android
4.1, and I chose the version with 8 gigabytes of disk storage, rather than the 16-gig version that was the slightly pricier choice. The Nexus 7 has exceeded my expectations in most ways. The graphics are super-clear and bright. The onscreen keyboard is easy to use, especially in landscape mode. The internal wifi antenna is very robust and picks up the strongest nearby wifi signal just seconds after you power on the tablet.

I downloaded some apps for extra functionality. They have been easy to install and use. I
installed an app called Talkatone so that I could use the device as a backup phone with my Google Voice number. That saved money on international phone calling. I also downloaded ES File Manager. Since I’m relatively new to the Android operating system, I use ES File Manager to clean up unneeded files and to keep tabs on whether the storage capacity is filling up.

The multitouch screen is wonderfully sensitive and quick to react. I am always enlarging parts of web pages and re-shrinking them, and I feel absolutely no lag

There are only two features that I would change or
add. I wish they had placed the camera button on the back of the
tablet, instead of on the front. I have way too many photos of my
thumb. The other thing on my wish list would be a microphone jack.
You can’t quite tell where to aim when you ‘talk at’ the Nexus, so it’s a bit awkward.

Overall, I think this tablet is great; I use it as a book reader and for watching videos.

On a recent trip, one of the books I downloaded was a 2000-page bird guide. This book was slow to search, which was a real problem in the field. Since this is by far the biggest book I’d ever downloaded, I can’t be sure if the slowness was
the fault of the Google Nexus or not. It’s very possible that this
huge book would be slow to navigate on any reader.

The Nexus 7 is comfortable to hold, with its nubbly, soft-feeling back and sides. I enjoy using it and recommend it highly.