A Buying Guide for the Best Laptops for College Students 2012

Best Laptops for College Students 2012

Choosing the best laptops for college students 2012 is easy if you know what to look for. As you know, college requires numerous research works, write-ups and of course multimedia files for recreational activities. Thus, the best laptop can provide all these. Furthermore, you also have to consider your budget. With that being said, in this article you will read about how to choose the perfect college laptop for you and some highly recommended laptops you can purchase.

Factors to consider

Like every purchasing decision one makes, there are varying factors that play a vital role. Buying laptops for college students is not an exception. With that being said, here are the important factors you should consider before purchasing college student laptop.

  • Size – Laptops have different screen sizes varying from 5 to 18 inches. Ideally, the most recommended size is 11 to 15 inch laptop. These are designed for all-purpose use. Furthermore, most student backpacks and desks can only accommodate laptops with 15 and below sizes.
  • Operating system – As of today, there are three operating system used in laptops; they are Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Among the three, Windows is the most popular and compatible to almost every application. Windows 7 is the most recent operating systems used today. You can either opt for Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional. You can also opt for Windows 8 if it is already released in your locality.
  • Processors – Another important consideration is the processor used. Today, there are two companies that manufacture these processors which are Intel and AMD. In choosing for the best laptops for college students 2012, you can either opt for mid-range processors which are Core i5 or Core i3 for Intel and Vision A6 or Vision A4 for AMD.
  • Memory and storage capacity – 1 to 2 GB is the ideal RAM for most laptops used for educational purposes and 32 bit OS. However, if you want a 64 bit OS, you should get 3 or more GB. In terms of storage capacity, keep in mind that you as college students would save a lot of documents, images, recorded lectures and documentary videos. Thus, it is highly recommended to opt for higher hard drive memory and other storage devices. A back-up device or services should also be considered for any worse case scenarios.
  • Battery – Long battery life is another important factor to consider. It should at least be enough for your day’s schedule or classes. However, you can also buy another battery for $40 if necessary.
  • Connectivity – Last but not least is your connection ports. You should consider having USB, Ethernet and VGA port aside from Wi-Fi connectivity. Aside from that, you can also opt for Bluetooth device if preferred.

2012’s best laptop for college students

Today’s most highly rated laptops for college student are Acer Aspire AS4743-6628 currently sold for $650, ASUS A53SV-EH71 priced at $750 and Sony VAIO SE1 Series VPCSE13FX available for $1,000. Any of these 3 has reached the standards and recommendations mentioned above.

You can also search and compare laptop reviews and prices at Amazon.com, reviews.cnet.com, PCworld.com and toptenreview.com for more choices in regards to the list of the best laptops for college students 2012.