A cat, how much?

The price of a cat is variable

Many factors can influence the overall price for a chat: race, medal competitions …
The price of a cat is fixed according to whether purebred or not, and other criteria detailed below.

– The origins of the cat / her pedigree If parents have had price of beauty, work … it increases the price of the offspring.

– Price competition
If the cat has won a prize at an exhibition, even adults, the purchase price will remain higher than another. It is considered that the kittens have inherited heritage beauty: the price will be higher.

– The Age Did not become great advantages. Over the kitten gets older, the more price drops! In adulthood, has lost more than half its original price.

– Asked fashion
Fashion is every year races before, but this is less marked in cats than in other species. Advertisements for boxes or croquettes are magnificent specimens that everyone would like to have in your living room. Prices soar but if you really like this race and not fashion, prices will fall!

What price for a cat?

– An alley cat without extraordinary origin is from 50 to 200 euros.

– A purebred cat fashion is from 400 to 600 euros.

– A very rare breed of cat is worth up to 2000 euros.

The necessary equipment

You will find below the average price of equipment required for a cat taking as reference material in a wide range of basic

– The transport cage cat: 20 euros
This purchase is essential for transportation to the vet to keep your cat to go with friends … This can be a box or a bag, knowing that airlines require a box.

– The Litter Box: 8 euros
Your cat will absolutely need a litter to his needs. The disadvantage of a closed container is not the cat who loves to scratch the stones or crystals of the litter, puts out a lot!

– The house litter: 20 euros
It is more expensive but avoids “to put everywhere.” The cat scratched at his discretion and litter remains inside. In addition, you do not have to endure the smell of the litter.

– Litter: 1-4 euros per week
The bag is 1 euro and bedding is changed three times a week. One bag is enough for three changes. There are more expensive because more litter absorbent …

– The cat food : 1 to 4 euros per day
This budget is very variable. You can opt for basic food (canned or dry food), or a diet called “prémium” upscale, more nutritious, more digestible but much more expensive. The cost of food will vary greatly depending on your choice: croquettes low end cost euro from January to April the package for 4 days and cost 15 euros kibble diet package.


– The cat tree: 30 euros
It allows your cat to scratch its own object and avoid attacking the leather chair. However, it can also deal with both!

– The Scratching: 10 euros
They are scratching cardboard or carpet. You can make your own with a piece of carpet that you will fix rope on a wall. In fact, the cat prefers to scratch “vertical”.

– Toys: 10 euros
The game is fundamental to the cat but a simple ball of crumpled paper can enchant.

– Brush: 7 euros
It is very useful for long-haired cats that need to be brushed daily.

– The clippers: 6 euros
It is very easy to cut the claws of a cat, you can use it for your nail clippers.

– Scoop litter: 2 euros
You can remove the droppings regularly with the shovel but it does not relieve you change the litter.

Health care costs

Health is a very important part of the budget that you devote to your cat, and you can not escape if you want to keep your cat healthy. Prevention is very important: it will need to deworm, vaccinate … A minimum annual visit to the vet is necessary when everything goes well.

– Castration: 80 euros
It is obligatory for a male to prevent urine marking apartment and fights if he is able to get out.

– Sterilization: 160 euros
It is recommended for a female to avoid the heat if it is flat and pregnancies if she can get out.

– Passport: 5 to 10 euros
It is now mandatory for travel abroad and you want your cat vaccinated against rabies. The rabies vaccination certificate (pink or blue) no longer exists.

– The chip: 70 euros
This is the only identification system recognized abroad.

– Tattoo: 60 euros The identification of a cat tattoo or microchip is required when assignment, sale or gift of an animal. It is normally provided by the “seller”.

– Vaccine TCLR: 130 euros (there are two injections one month apart the first time then 70 euros per year for the reminder)
T = typhus
C = coryza
L = leucosis
R = rage
Vaccination protects your cat viral diseases that can contract even if does not come out.
Two exceptions: rage: it is useless if your cat does not go out of the house; leukemia: she is caught by surface or bite.

– The vermifuge: 7 euros
What to do once a month until 6 months then 2 times a year. Deworming to protect your cat digestive and yourself and your family from contamination.

– The anti-chip: 20 euros
It is best to apply at least once a year.

– Scaling: 50 to 70 euros
A soon to 7 years because the scale gives a very bad breath in older cats.

– The individual cremation: 140 euros

– Support the body by the veterinarian: 80 euros
Unfortunately, it is indeed necessary for the worst because your cat will not last forever.

It should also take into account some veterinary visits for diseases: 50 to 200 euros consultation.

Total: around 11 000 (based on 12 years of existence) … until more!

How to spend less?

Do not hesitate to ask vets if they have not heard of litters of kittens abandoned to give. This is often the case in rural areas or in pavillonaires as cats and cats apartment are often castrated or sterilized and do not reproduce.

Care, there are clinics with lower prices and or veterinary schools (Maisons-Alfort, Nantes, Toulouse, Lyon). For drugs, some teachers reported very nicely drugs and unexpired started their veterinary