A Comparison Between Lake Norman Waterview Homes and Waterfront Homes

One of the most posh areas to live in is without any doubt the Lake Norman area in the Southeast region if not the entire U.S. located in the North of Charlotte, Lake Norman offers you a lifestyle that has no parallel. Offering you a wide array of professional sporting activities, an International airport and a humongous water playground, homebuyers and sellers get the best Relators there are!

The decisive factor regarding choosing to live near the lake is “What is a really good waterfront or water view?” It may not be as easy and simple as you think it may be!

Let’s first begin by analyzing the waterfront property! Lake Norman waterfront property fits the definition of the best waterfront property to the “T”. Water front properties that are essentially defined as properties existing on water, literally! Having said that, not all Waterfronts are created the same way. One way determining the view or location of the waterfront aspect of a property is the price. The price of the property tends to give a good idea of where and what the view of the property would be like, if it is good or it is something that exists at the back of a bay.

For instance, I came across a beautiful home on the water valued at a little over 3 million dollars with a boat slip. What this implies indirectly is that the home basically cannot have its own dock as it does not meet on the criterion or regulations as set forward by Duke Energy. Also there are some homes that are situated at the back of the bay with problematic water depth levels. In the winters the situation gets worse with the depth of Lake Norman dropping from 5-6 feet up to 10-12 feet. These homes are called mud-fronts. So do not be hasty about your decision when it comes to waterfront property on Lake Norman NC as it is not created equally. It there are many pictures of the water then you can be rest assured that it is a good option but if is evident that there are a few pictures of the lake then you should know that this is not the main selling point !

Now coming to the second factor which is that of waterview homes! These are even more difficult to determine. There have been many instances where people get tricked by a one dimensional view of the property that has a waterview where the rest is simply ordinary and people get blinded and end up paying exorbitant amounts of money for the scenery. There are listing agents that list a home as waterview and waterfront which tends to twist the number of waterview homes coming up in search results. This leads to what we refer as the “seasonal waterview”. What this means is that you actually see the water when the leaves fall off the trees! Agents do not necessarily list it this way but your buyers can help you figure out if that is the case.

Last but not the least, you should always pay attention to the home if it has a deeded boat slip. You may like and want this view, however without the lake access, it is not worth as much. Instead of this you could just buy a home in a boating community which offers a deeded boat slip with the home. This would give you your money’s worth and you would get what you are exactly looking for as well. This also gives a higher value to your property if you want to sell it later!
This could all get very confusing and mind boggling. What is best is that you engage the services of a Realtor who can help you get what you want at a good price without any hassle. Also make sure that you fully understand the dynamics of the process and procedure so there is no room for ambiguity on your part so no one can exploit you!

Christopher Cotto is the broker owner of lakenormanrealestate.org. An experienced and thorough professional in the field of buying and selling luxury homes, Christopher can help you get your dream home in the Lake Norman North Carolina.