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A Complete Guide to Why Carriers Delay Updates for Android but Not for Apple’s iPhone?

Some of the Android phones users may feel irritated when they see Apple users receiving iPhone updates too easily. But have you ever thought that why is it happening? Why Apple App Store refreshes the leading apps too frequently and maintains a highly secured environment? If no, then read this article to get answers for your various questions addressing why carriers delay updates for Android?

Many of you might love playing Android games, but have you ever thought why Apple’s iPhone ensure smooth and faster gaming experience? Why carriers delay updates for Android but not for iPhone? If you have enough of the discussion amongst your friends, family or colleagues regarding the same, then it’s the time to get a hold on some of the cool points that nobody else knows.
One of the prime reasons for the delay is because each carrier must subject every update to a testing process before finally releasing it. Since Android Store supports a lot of Smartphone manufacturers, and no smart mobile model is similar to other therefore, Android updates trickle out carrier-by-carrier to reach the users. iPhone users are lucky in this respect as they can receive updates for Apple’s iPhone immediately after they’re released by the company.

Why Do Carriers Control Most Android Phones?

Android devices follow the cell phone model, which is available to users from carrier on a contract basis. It simply means that the carrier customize that phone to enhance their branding and bloatware to make it a unique model available only with that carrier. Carriers may adopt slight differences in the original model and make it available using different names, resulting in unique phone by each carrier.

A carrier exercises complete control over your Android device even after you buy it and they do this by preventing it from working on other cellular networks. They also have a complete command over approving and rolling out updates to your unique phones that is why you don’t receive updates from the manufacturer directly. So whenever new version/update of Android gets released, the device manufacturer receives it first, adapt their customizations and make it work on all their phones. The manufacturer then sends out the updates to every carrier, which tests all the different updates for various devices and apps available for Android store.

iPhone has a Parent Company to Control Everything

Apple doesn’t provide the carries a leverage of callings its iPhone series with a different name or model. Apple informs all the carriers, if they’re about to make any changes in the Smartphone or is coming up with an update. There is always a single iPhone, not an iPhone variant for various carriers, from which the company operates its services. Carriers cannot install their software, brand it or install any additional software or bloatware, even if they are selling the devices on a contract basis. Since, iPhone only utilizes its carriers to deliver the Smartphone services, updates directly come from Apple, and every iPhone user receives it without any delay.

So Why Are Carriers Holding Back Updates?

• Updates Increase Their Work: Android Smartphones get customizations from their respective carriers, and while adopting the new build of Android, these customizations do cause the delay. Carriers will have to do their work by customizing the phone and its earlier settings so that the newer update works seamlessly on the existing phone series. They further add their specific branding and apps (bloatware) to the devices, which enhances some additional work, resulting in the delay of updates.

• Carriers Controls the Updates: Carriers put this work off, concentrates on coming up with the latest models and features, so frequently fails in doing it. Since most of the Android devices get customizations from their respective vendors, they can easily delay update rollouts for months.

• Make a Device Obsolete: Carriers don’t wish to upgrade year-old Smartphone models and make it feel like the newer ones. As businesses aims at making higher profits and look forward to selling you a new phone or renew your contract, they don’t bother about upgrading the older ones. The new phones look more attractive and appealing, and the reason behind carriers releasing timely updates for them is to increase the phone’s demand in the market.


Since all the carriers will need to test the phone’s software before releasing its updates, it might take some time to release updates for Android devices. iPhone updates are faster than Android updates, simply because they get released by Apple and reach every iOS user gets it immediately. Android carriers will need to ensure all their included Android games and apps to work properly and in accordance to the phone’s specific software. Apple’s iPhone updates also ensure that all the iPhone apps work seamlessly on the device, after installing the latest set of updates to boost iOS device’s speed and performance. iPhone developers are lucky enough to cut short the software testing process as the iPhone’s software is globally same and works properly, without any bloatware. So to avoid the carrier control on non-iPhone phones, purchase a device directly from the phone’s manufacturer or without carrier involvement and receive faster updates!

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