A Computer Repair Guide to Fix “0x80070035” Windows Error

Have you come across the notification “Error code: 0x80070035? The network path was not found” when you access a file or folder that has been shared? It is a problem that occurs in Windows 7 and Windows Vista servers or operating systems. Having many computers connected to a common server or that are linked together by routers, you should have no trouble in getting access to shared items from any computer in the link. However, this is not always the case and in the few occurrences you see the error. This error takes place because of a network connection issue where the connection gets tempered. It makes the home network unable to define the required network path. It is not necessary that it is taking place because of a problem in the computer parts. The error can get fixed by computer repair technician through remote troubleshooting, and if the need arises, you can contact tech support helpdesk.

Before you start computer repair or go for a PC service, check that the network connection problem is not as a result of the security firewall installed. Disable it and check if the same error gets encountered. The antivirus software performs a key function in preventing virus attack on your computer, and if disabled it leaves your system vulnerable especially when connected to the internet. You should disable it temporarily then install another one or reinstall the same.

Sharing Files and Printers

The ports required in the process of file sharing might get blocked by the firewall. In such cases, follow the procedure below to allow files and printers sharing.

1. Go to the Start menu and select “control panel” and then click on the option “Network and Intranet.”

2. Go to the section “Windows Firewall” and click on the link “allow program through windows firewall.”

3. Mark the option “share file and printer.”

How to Enable NetBIOS

If the tips above don’t work then, your firewall is not okay and you need to try the following procedure:

1. Go to the Start menu and select “control panel” and then click on the option “network connections.”

2. Select the “connection” option then click on “properties,” which opens a pane on the window. Click on “internet protocol (TCP/IP)” and then choose “properties.”

3. After that click on “advanced option” which opens a pane where you will find “WINS” tab from the “Advanced TCP/IP” options.

4. You will get the option that allows you to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP. Check the option and enable NetBIOS.

Viewing Files from HomeGroup

When you are unable to view shared files from a Homegroup, you can troubleshoot the system by using the HomeGroup Troubleshooting Tool:

1. Go to the control panel through the start menu. From the list of options choose the appropriate option to Troubleshoot.

2. Locate “view all” option on the left plane. Choose HomeGroup which will ask for the administrator’s password. Type it and the troubleshooter should be able to fix the error.
3. Another way of solving it is:

4. In the control panel, click on “device manager,” which will give you the device manager options. Here select “network adapters.”

5. Click on the “view” option after that choose the option “show hidden devices.”

6. Delete all but one of the options in the “Microsoft 6to4 adapter” list.

7. Restart the computer after that.

Network Mapping

It may be the reason why your connection failed? It can get resolved by:

1. Type “Security” in the Search box found in start menu.

2. Select “local security policy” from the given results.

3. Click on “local policies” then on the option “security.”

4. Choose the option “network security.” Right click on it and then scroll down to Properties.

Uncheck on “require 128-bit encryption” if it is checked.

5. Click OK once you perform all the steps. Repeat the same in the entire list.

Alternatively, navigate to “control panel” then choose “network and internet” option. Click on “network connections” option. Then when you right click on “connection” it gives you the options “Properties.” Click on it and ensure the option “client for Microsoft network” is checked. Once you perform all, click on OK.

How Technical Support Helps?

Troubleshooting process may prove a little bit technical where you are forced to seek tech support. They can help you as they have the technical know-how on ways to deal with the issue and most importantly they are professional and can be relied upon.

The above procedures should be able to troubleshoot and resolve the 0x80070035 error. They are simple to follow and will guide you. In troubleshooting, one procedure might prove ineffective as the same error can be as a result of different causes thus you should have a solution for each cause that leads to troubled file and folder sharing. When the problem persists seek a specialist in PC service to check up on your computer parts.