A Cool Way to Earn Online With Bubblews

Is Bubblews legit? Does Bubblews pay?

If you are looking for ways to earn some money online, then you should consider joining Bubblews.com. This simple yet promising site offers you the possibility to write short posts and get money for each view, social share and like or dislike.

Generally, you will earn a cent each time you get a view, like, dislike, share or a comment. It’s a really motivating concept, if you ask me. The way this site works is that it splits its revenue 50/50 between its users and its staff. It’s actually not a new concept at all – but it works.

It’s possible to publish up to 10 posts per each day, and each of these will generate you at least some views immediately. The good thing is that these posts do not have to be very long at all – you only need to write 400 characters and you’re good to publish.

Over time, you will make connections (people who follow you onsite) which will speed up your earning process.

The minimum payout threshold is 25 $ and I have reached my first payout in 15 days. Be careful though, and write nice, interesting articles and choose neat pictures. Sometimes you will get a view just because your picture looks great. You will notice that each payout will take less time than the previous one if you write decent content.

Just like any other writing platform, Bubblews also has its rules and you should definitely read them right after you sign up. The site has a transparent way of working, and it pays, so it shouldn’t be an issue for you not to break the small number of rules it has.

If you decide to join, you will be able to read a lot of interesting, engaging content, but also a lot of spammy posts that look unprofessional, illiterate, and generally do not meet the standards the site pays for. But don’t worry, each time you or anyone else reach the threshold and hit the “redeem” button, your account will be reviewed and the payout will be sent according to the quality of your posts and your adherence to the sites Terms of Service.

Overall, the site is legit and I warmly recommend it. If nothing, it is great for creating nice quality backlinks to your blog or site.

Join Bubblews here.