A different Home Decorating Idea; Decorate Your Home with Beautiful Preserved Plants

Are you looking for innovative home decorating ideas?

We may like to decorate our home with different articles like beautiful paintings, handicrafts, stuffed animals, etc. In the Internet; you can find several home decorating ideas but whenever you thought of using varieties of preserved plants for the purpose? As you know, millions of varieties of plants are there in our planet earth, and many of them are restricted to a particular area. These plants vary in shape and structure to attract our special attention.

What about making use of these attractive varieties of plants to decorate our study, guest room, and office room by a simple method? Now home decoration is a profession, and many people are engaged in this business and searching for innovative home decorating ideas.

A different Home Decorating Idea; Decorate Your Home with Beautiful Preserved Plants

The home decorating idea with preserved plants came to me from the study material of my Degree classes on herbarium preparation.

What is a Herbarium?

Herbarium is a scientific collection of dried and preserved plants prepared for long-term use. Scientifically preserved plants can keep many of its features for hundreds of years. Let us see what are the simple steps involved to prepare an attractive plant for decorating your home.

1. Collection of plant

Collect an attractive plant from your surroundings such as, back yard, garden, river or lake shore. Collect whole plant with its roots and flowers, if it is small in size, part of the plant if it is bigger. Take care not to damage leaves, stems or other parts.

2. Arrange the plant on newsprint

Wash the plant to remove mud and dust. Neatly arrange the plant on newsprint with leaves and other parts stretching. Take care to arrange the plant in an attractive manner.

3. Allow to dry the plant in a plant press

Keep the newsprint with plant in between two absorbent papers or blotters and
option1: keep in a plant press
Option 2: keep on a flat table and place some heavy books above it
It helps to absorb maximum quantity of water from the plant. Change the absorbent paper occasionally to speed up the drying process. Seven to twenty days are enough to dry the plan completely.

4. Mounting the plant

After drying take out the plant and mount on a stiff white paper or card stock. For mounting the specimen, apply glue over the paper, carefully place plant over it, and gently press. Use strong glue if the plant is thick and milder glue if the plant is small and thinner. After properly gluing and pressing the plant on the paper, allow it to air dry for 1-2 hour. Spray some mild insecticide on the plant to avoid any insect attack.

5. Frame the specimen

A different Home Decorating Idea; Decorate Your Home with Beautiful Preserved Plants

Use a suitable photo frame to frame the specimen and get it glass covered. You can select photo frame from a variety of photo frames available in the market according to your taste.

Now a rare and smart thing is ready to decorate your home. This is coast effective also. I welcome all my readers to try this different home decorating idea at least once. Please don’t forget that practice makes you perfect.

If you have any other innovative home decorating idea, please let me know because I always welcome different ideas rather than stick on to conventional ones.