A Dog Poop Disposal System Works Like a Septic Tank – Perfect Way to Get Rid of Poop

I have been researching different ways to deal with doggy business, and came across this dog poop disposal system that I am going to try.

Up until now, I simply would have to do what I call the “grid search” when looking for “business” in the yard. It was the easiest way in my opinion to find them and then pick them up with a shovel. You can get all kinds of pooper scoopers for quite cheap on the market, but personally I prefer the spade or shovel for getting right under them.

But I would carry around this bucket to carry them in, and then would put them in the garbage. Now our city has changed the bylaws and now allows pet waste as long as it is in the composting clear green bag. So, I have been doing that, but the bags are thin and I find it a pain to save up for collection day.

So, after doing some research I came across this poop disposal system that you simply bury in the ground. It can’t be in clay as the liquid needs to be able to get away. Now living in the country, I know how a septic system works, and they are amazing actually when they are running properly. Waste gets broken down between two chambers and then the end product is simply water that is let out into the ground.

Dog Poop Disposal System

So, I was quite excited to see that they have come up with a system that will dispose of dog waste in a similar fashion. You simply bury this unit and add the enzyme that is included with the unit. (you can also buy a larger supply) and then while you go around scooping up your dog poop you simply drop it into this unit.

It has a foot operated lid, so there will be no stooping and it is made in the USA. It doesn’t harm plants or grass and you simply add some water once in a while to help with the digesting process. it makes quick work of poops even from larger dogs.

I figure you could then simply go around and get the poops more often as there is now a easy way to dispose of it, and keep a dedicated shovel or scooper nearby so that this can be quick work. So, I figure you will need to place this unit somewhere close enough so that you are not walking clear across the yard to use it. But what a brilliant idea. This keeps the waste out of the garbage.

Even though we can now include our pet waste in our green bin, I figure the less they have to deal with it the better. So if everyone used this type of dog poop disposal system, imagine how much dog waste would stay out of the landfill?

You may think what is the big deal it will break down, but it doesn’t break down well when mixed with household garbage, so this is a great way to do your part for the environment. Us human have to use a sewage system, or septic system, so why not get one for our best friends?

If you are making an oasis for yourself outdoors this year, and want to include your best friend in your relaxing time, there are some really neat products on the market that can make things easier for you and your pooch. If you don’t want your dog to do his business in the yard you can get a pet potty for the patio or the perfect dog water fountain or even a Iris pet pen to keep your pet safe and relaxed with you.

So, why sit outside with the wafting smells of dog business, when you can have a easy to use dog poop disposal system in your yard to get rid of them quickly.