A down to earth approach for Arthritis!

There are many types of arthritis and many forms of medications to cater to them, including internal and external therapies. Chronic pain or arthritis is one of the “5 stages of grief” and each stage must be addressed in its very own unique way. Although each stage is relevant, we will focus on how we can diminish or eradicate the pain caused by arthritis. Being a chronic patient of arthritis has led you to invest in most or all of the medications that you can get your hands on and we can’t blame you for your choices, considering the pain that you are subject to daily. However, there are some do’s and don’ts that may relieve you of your ailment, if pursued religiously!

Everyone is willing to grant you with advice, when you’re in pain, but it is you who needs to evaluate to make sure that you’re not subject to anything out of the ordinary. The first and most logical step, when dealing with any kind of pain is to consult your physician without any delays. Allow your physician to assess the pain struck areas and let him know if you’ve resorted to any medications or have been a victim of an accident. For all you know, your pain may be caused by a common muscle spasm and all you need is a cycle of home remedies.

If your physician has diagnosed you of arthritis, then try to understand the level and the various types of treatments that eradicate the pain. There are some exercises you can do on your own, but with your doctor’s consent and should be part of your daily routine. Start of your day with some gentle exercises between watching T.V. and sitting at your desk. While you perform these exercises, ensure that you are obeying the right posture and periodically stretch your legs and hands.

Overdoing anything doesn’t necessarily fetch you the best results and with exercising too much can be a potential hazard. Pace yourself to ensure that you are giving your joints the time they need to breath and heal as a result of it. It would be ideal to move around as much as possible, which in the bargain will strengthen your muscles and decrease your pain.Choosing the right activities may be intimidating at times and it is best to refrain from activities such as jumping, tennis, high impact aerobics and constant inactivity.

There are many types of medications that cater to arthritis, but none of them are free from side effects and for that simple reason it is best to expose yourself to a constant wheel of motion.