A Family Day At North Pole Amusement Park

North Pole Amusement Park

Having fun in an amusement park is very typical today but what makes North Pole amusement park special? Themed from a fictional character’s known residence, Santa Claus’s home is one of the mysterious and fascinating locations in the world. Even though, as a child grows-up, the idea of North Pole’s existence becomes a mere imagination. It is still a known fact that almost everyone loves the idea of Christmas. And North Pole themed park is all about Christmas. From the scenic views to its rides, the spirit of Christmas is all over the place. Yet, there are still a lot of things to do inside this amusement park. And that is the main concept of this article, to give you more information about this Christmas themed amusement park.

The Entertainment

A family doesn’t go to amusement parks for rides alone. That is why each amusement park has a specific theme to promote. It allows them to attract customers that love their concept. That is why Halloween-themed parks are only famous on the week of All Saints Day because no one wants to get pumped up with adrenaline all year round. With that, what are the things you can expect at this amusement park?

Being one of the oldest amusement parks in the US, North Pole amusement park has enticed people all over the world with their one of a kind entertainment galore. In this park, there are a lot of entertainments you can seek. Santa’s house is the very popular event of them all especially for children. Your child gets to have a one on one moment with Santa himself and explain their wishes. Magic shows are the next in line. Watching magicians perform their most enigmatic tricks is an all time favorite. Another must see entertainment is the Elmer the elf show. For individuals who love the serenity of Christmas medleys, the Chris Moose Show is the one for you. And of course the theme park rides that you and your kid would surely love. Some of the most recommended rides are Christmas Tree Ride, Enterprise Space Shuttle, Miniature Train, Arial Tram and lastly the Antique Carousel.

Other things you can do inside the park

  • Shopping – And yet again, who doesn’t love shopping? You can take this moment to do your advance gift shopping for the incoming Christmas season. At this amusement park, there numerous shops to choose from. From girls and boy’s shop to souvenir’s shop, there are various items that you can purchase.
  • Picnics – Inside the park, a picnic pavilion is available for families who want to enjoy a nice and quite lunch in an outdoor setting. If you are worried about the food, the park is loaded with various food carts and cafes.
  • Food – Christmas is the day where most people overindulge in food. At this amusement park, that is strictly followed. As mentioned earlier, food stations are all over the amusement park. You can choose from a variety of mouthwatering candies and snacks from hamburgers to milkshakes that would surely keep your stomach’s full all throughout the day.

And with that, North Pole amusement park is the park for you when it comes to children satisfaction, anti-stress mechanism and family day affairs.