News A Few of the Myths Surrounding Spirituality

A Few of the Myths Surrounding Spirituality


Like any other field, spirituality is surrounded by so many myths. So many people reach a point where they can no longer differentiate the truth from the lies. And a lot get stuck on whether they would really want to take the spiritual path as a result of these myths. Spiritual awakening becomes confusing to many people and at the end of the day, those that experience this awesome feeling end up making nothing out of it. After all, a lot of bad things have been said about it.

I will thus share a few of the very common myths that surround spirituality and let you know the truth that you do not know.

There is a very major belief that once you experience a spiritual awakening, you are bound to remain there. But no, that’s not true. Spiritual life is something that you have to practice. And by the way, unlike religion which is practiced on particular days, spirituality has to be made part of your everyday life. That consistency is the one that makes it great.

Others also tend to believe that spiritual awakening occurs spontaneously. While this may be true, it does not apply to every person. If you do not fall in this category, you have to seek it. You could read a book, take a trip or have a teacher guide you to this path. All you need to know is that you cannot sit back and wait for it to happen, it may take forever.

The other common myth is that spirituality is all about rituals. But I totally disagree with this one. Indeed, it has nothing to do with rituals. That could be just one form of spiritual belief. Gone are the days that Yoga and meditation was associated with some communities. They are now spiritual practices that have become common in almost every community. They have been widely accepted as a way of seeking spiritual enlightenment.

I thus hope you will be able to dismiss the myths regarding spirituality and spiritual awakening. An easy way to do this would be to do lots of research.

A Few of the Myths Surrounding Spirituality
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