A Great Inexpensive Touchscreen Tablet

If you’re looking for a lightweight, portable tablet but don’t want to spend $500 or more on something like an Apple Ipad, you should consider the new Kindle Fire. It is a new release from Amazon. It is a 7′ tablet with a touch-sensitive screen. It has all the functionality of an ereader, plus a high-speed web browser and built-in wifi. It comes with an inbound-only @Kindle email address to which you can send documents from a computer. All Amazon digital content such as ebooks, newspapers and magazines, music, and videos can be accessed on the Kindle Fire. It has built-in wifi connectivity, so you can connect to the internet from any public or private wifi hotspot. It features a 3.5 mm stereo audio headphone jack and top-mounted stereo speakers. It weighs less than one pound, so it is very easy to carry.
The web browser Amazon Silk was developed by Amazon exclusively for the Kindle Fire. It is a high-speed, cloud-accelerated browser. It is a split architecture browser, which means that half the work of loading web pages is done by remote Amazon cloud servers. It also speeds up web browsing by observing browsing patterns of many users and using that data to predict the next page a user will request. It preloads that page before the user even requests it. The Kindle Fire comes with free, unlimited cloud storage space for any digital content you buy from Amazon, as well as 5GB of free storage space for non-Amazon files. The operating system is Android, by Google.
If you prefer to connect to the internet via a 3G network, there are two kindle models which come with free 3G connectivity: Kindle DX and Kindle Touch 3G. However, the web browsers on these models are experimental browsers with capabilities limited to searching on simple, text-based sites like Google and Wikipedia.
Amazon is selling the Kindle Fire at a price that is about $10 less than what it costs them to manufacture it. They are doing this in the hope of promoting their digital media. The list price is $199. The KIndle Fire can be purchased directly from Amazon at amazon.com, or at many retail electronics stores.