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A Guide to Bird Control

The common species of birds that are found in the UK such as pigeons and seagulls can cause a lot of damage and health problems when they choose to nest in unwanted areas. Birds will look to find ideal nesting spots to settle in and tall buildings often attract them in large numbers.

A growing number of towns and cities in the UK have problems with bird infestations and they can be very difficult to deal with without professional help. Birds grouping in congested areas can cause a lot of problems. Not only can they cause damage to buildings, but their droppings can pose a serious health risk too.

Bird Proofing

Luckily, there are solutions available to help with seagull and pigeon control.

The law on bird control

It is illegal in the UK to kill or harm any species of bird so it’s incredibly important that you don’t try to tackle a bird infestation yourself. Professionals will be able to install solutions that will deter birds from perching and nesting on your property in a way that’s humane and effective.

Bird control solutions

There are several solutions that are used to stop birds from gathering where they’re not wanted.

The main solutions used are-

  • Bird netting – Bird netting is a very practical solution for dealing with bird nesting problems. It can be cut and installed in a wide variety of locations and because it comes in different colours, you can ensure that the netting is discrete and doesn’t become an eyesore. Bird netting prevents pigeons, seagulls or any other types of birds from groups and nesting in the area that it’s installed.
  • Bird spikes – Spikes are another commonly used solution for dealing with bird infestations. They can be placed in rows to ensure that birds will not choose to perch or nest where they’re used. They’re very effective and long-lasting. The only downside to using spikes is that they can look quite unsightly, so they’re not suited to every type of building.
  • Wire & post – Wire & post is just what it sounds like. Posts are drilled into the building fabrication and metal wire is then attached to them in order to prevent birds from perching on the building. Wire & posts are a very effective method of dealing with bird infestations and is also very discreet, which makes it perfect for use on buildings where the décor cannot be disrupted.

By using one or a combination of the above solutions, it’s possible to ensure that your property is kept free of any unwanted birds and the problems that they bring. Any good bird control company will offer these solutions and will be able to tailor them to suit your needs.

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