A Guide To Buying Range Cookers

Freestanding cookers are the most popularly purchase style of cooker, but while some people need to purchase built-in cookers in order to fill designed areas of the kitchen, the range cooker is considered high-end and luxurious, not only offers a variety of features that aren’t found in smaller models, but also provides modular oven designs, wok burners, and offers a highly appealing aesthetic style that you won’t find with other cooker designs. If you want extra oven space, have a large kitchen with a lot of room to fill, or you want a luxurious finish then a range cooker could be your best option.

A Guide To Buying Range Cookers

Most range cookers offer at least two oven sections, with separate cooking controls. This means that you will be able to cook different dishes, keep some food warm while you wait for the rest to cook, or use the size of oven that best suits the meal you are cooking.

Duel fuel range cookers are quite commonplace, and enable you to utilise gas for the burners and electric for the oven. Gas burners are preferred because they produce flames which lick around the bottom of pans and envelop the cooking pot. This means that the contents of the pan tend to heat quicker and stay hotter for longer. An electric oven, usually a fan assisted one, yields a more uniform heating option, ensuring that you don’t end up with cold and hot pockets in the oven. This can lead to uneven cooking, while gas is also considered the less efficient fuel type for space heating such as is utilised in ovens.

The size of range cookers means that they will have at least four burners on the top section, but usually more than this. Some include a central burner, which is larger than the rest, while a wok burner is ideal for cooking on large bottom pans. Heating plates and warming plates may also be found on some ranges, along with plate warmers near the oven section. The modular design of range cookers means that there are many different styles and finishes for you to choose from.

The range of designs also means that there are many sizes to choose from, and even if you are not blessed with acres of free space in the kitchen, you can find more compact designs. However, the range cooker will usually be much larger than a freestanding cooker, and if you don’t have the room then you will need to consider other styles of oven and cooker.

Range cookers are attractive and practical, if you have the room for them. Their sie and variety of features also means that they tend to be the most expensive types of cooker, but most owners agree that they are worth the extra cost if you can afford it. Multiple ovens, wok burners, and extra features make cooking more enjoyable and enable you to create a much greater range of food and food items whenever you want.

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