A Guide to Buying Unlocked Refurbished Droid Cell Phones 2012 – Cheap Discounted Mobiles

Getting unlocked an refurbished Droid cell phones is the best way to get yourself a like-new cell phone at a fraction of the cost of retail. By getting both refurbished and unlocked you save a ton of cash on the initial purchase price in addition to the monthly costs of your phone service. In this article we look at the benefits of buying Android over the other popular smartphone types, what is involved in refurbishment, what unlocked means and we take a look at the best places to buy a cheap Android cell phone that is both unlocked and refurbished.

The Benefits of Android Cell Phones

Android is one of the fastest growing cell phone operating systems on the market. It is not only taking on Apple’s iPhone OS but it’s even selling more because of it’s availability on a wide variety of handsets. Android’s popularity and strength primarily comes from it’s variety and flexibility and as such it attracts many people who are not fond of Apple’s strict control over it’s operating system. Android OS is available on hundreds of different brands and makes of cell phone handsets giving consumers the power to choose the handset that is right for their needs and spending power. In addition to this, once a person has purchased their Android phone they are free to customize the layout and functionality as much as they desire. Combine this flexibility with the cheaper price of Android phones overall and you have an excellent choice in mobile phones.

The Android Refurbishment Process

You probably already know that buying refurbished is a good way to save money but you may not know exactly what is involved in the refurbishment process. In most cases what happens is that a faulty phone that is covered by warranty is sent off to be repaired and the original owner is given a replacement handset instead of having to wait. This means that the manufacturer has a stockpile of repaired handsets that they can then sell to other customers. The result is a fully working phone handset at a reduced price because it can no longer be sold as ‘new’ under U.S. law.

What are Unlocked Cell Phones?

When cell phones are bought on a contract, which is very common for smart phones, they are usually always locked to the original network provider that supplied the contract. This is not a problem if you plan on using that same network provider as you can simply take out a contract with them and use the handset with no additional costs. However, if you want to use a different network or if you want to use a pre-paid phone service you will have to pay a fee to have the phone unlocked. This fee can be quite expensive too, even costing up to $100 depending on the network. Buying an already unlocked cell phone handset can save you this hassle and cost as the phone is not tied to any network and you can use any service with it. In some cases you can even take your existing phone’s SIM card and simply swap it over.

Positives of Buying Unlocked Refurbished Android Phones

The positives of buying cell phone handsets this way are mostly financial. You save a lot on the initial purchase price because of the model being refurbished and you also save a lot because you do not have to pay extra fees to have the handset unlocked. In addition to this you also have a lot more freedom with one of these phones; you do not have to keep it for the entire length of a contract and you are free to change networks whenever you like.

Drawbacks of Buying Unlocked Refurbished Android Phones

There are only two drawbacks to buying Android cell phones this way: reduced warranties and potential pre-existing damage to the handset. Some refurbished phones do have warranties but they are often not as longs as ones that have been purchased new. They also are not covered by any insurance so if you drop it or if it gets stolen you lose it for good. In terms of pre-existing damage to the cell phone, this depends on the model you get. Some may look brand new while others may have some scratches or wear.

The Best Places to Buy

The best place for you to buy an Android phone for cheaper will depend on your location and needs. There are three main options available to you (though you may be able to discover more for yourself).

From Android Handset Manufacturers – The best and easiest place to find refurbished Droid cell phones is directly from the various manufacturer. Most of the major cell phone manufacturers, like Samsung, do all of their refurbishment themselves. This means that you can buy from them and enjoy longer warranties.

Dedicated Refurbishment Retailers – Some electronics refurbishment retailers do cell phone handsets in addition to other electronics and they can offer some pretty good bargains. They may not have quite the same warranty as from the manufacturers but you can get a pretty cheap deal on refurbished and unlocked cell phones.

Online Sellers – The cheapest places are usually online. You can either go through a dedicated website or you can buy from sellers through collective websites like eBay. Amazon and Craigslist. Be careful to check the authenticity of the products from these sellers, however. It can pay off in the long run for you to check the reviews before buying Unlocked Refurbished Droid Cell Phones.