A Guide to Cheap Integrated Fridge Freezers 2012

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Buying a cheap integrated fridge freezer can save you a lot of money and make your food storage considerably more convenient. Buying a chest freezer and separate fridge can end up being very expensive in both power consumption and the initial purchase costs. Side-by-side or top-and-bottom fridge freezers are far more cost-effective and make life much easier by having all of your food in one spot. These styles of refrigerators can also end up saving you a lot of space, especially top-and-bottom fridge freezers.

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Where to Buy Cheap Integrated Fridge Freezers

After considering the benefits of this style of appliance you are probably wondering where the best places to buy them are and where you can get them the cheapest. The following locations sell high-quality and cheap refrigerators and you should work through them in the order they are presented until you find the right bargain for you.

Clearance Stock Warehouses

If you have a clearance stock warehouse near you they can be a great first place to visit to find a combined refrigerator. These warehouses typically sell last years or older stock for a heavily reduced price. In the end, having a couple year old appliance that has never been used isn’t that bad and you will save a lot of money. Remember to ask about whether each appliance still has a warranty before purchasing, however.

Scratch and Dent Outlets

Scratch and Dent or factory second outlets sell products that have been damaged in some way, usually cosmetically. These products have heavy discounts applied to them and in most cases they work just as well as a retail bought one. Always inspect each item thoroughly and point out any additional damage to the sales people so that you can haggle the price down.

Appliance Retailers: Sears, Lowes and REI

Retailers sell the better brands and are usually not that cheap, except around stock take. Head to any of these places if it is stock take time and you can find huge amounts of appliances with discounts of up to 50%. These places also always have a full warranty and will give support for their products so you can have a bit more piece of mind over the other options.

Online Retailers

Often online retailers of appliances will have some pretty good deals because they ship straight from the manufacturer, cutting costs on retail. You also have the benefits of a larger selection of products and not having to leave your house. One drawback, however, is that you will sometimes have to pay for freight, which can be expensive on large appliances like refrigerators. To save money always go for free shipping deals, if you can.

An Alternative: Buying Used

If you cannot find a cheap enough fridge freezer then there are a huge amount of used options out there. Think of all of the people that are upgrading their fridges and that some of these may only be a few years old. Sometimes people that are moving will sell their appliances just to make the move easier so this is also a greta opportunity to pick up some great items for cheap. Always remember to ask to see appliances in action so that you know they are in good working order. It’s a good idea to also only go to people’s homes during the day and to bring a friend.

What to Look For In a Cheap Integrated Fridge Freezer

Before heading out to shop stop to think about what you need in your cheap integrated fridge freezer and what you would like to have as a bonus. If you have a wide space then an American-Style (side-by-side) model is extra convenient and spacious but if you want a slightly cheaper model and need to save some space a top-and-bottom combined fridge and freezer is the way to go. The next thing to consider is how long do you need your warranty to be. If you only plan on having the appliance for a few years before upgrading a two or three year warranty is all that is needed but if you need this to last for a long time it may be worth paying a bit extra for a 5-10 year warranty when you buy your cheap integrated fridge freezer.

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