A Guide to Cheap Refurbished Kindle EBook Readers 2012 – Online Review for UK and US

If you need a good but cheap way to read eBooks then buying a cheap refurbished Kindle eBook reader is the best option available to you. Kindle is the best eBook reader available and buying refurbished or ‘refreshed’ is a great way to get one of these devices while saving money. This guide will look at what makes the Kindle so great, why you should buy rejuvenated Kindles and will look at the best places to buy refurbished models from. So for the best ebook readers for students or electronic book sales and the best refurbished kindle in stock please read on!

Why You Should Buy Kindle Instead of Other Brands of Refurbished EBook Readers

The eBook reader and computer tablet industry is becoming quite saturated with many different products giving you many choices. The standout option in this industry is Amazon’s Kindle because it offers the sturdiest and most intuitive book replacement system available. The lean design of the Kindle forgoes many of the additional features that many other readers offer in preference for a smooth and clean reading experience. This also means that Amazon have been able to design the Kindle’s screen in a way that is optimized for reading eBooks and nothing else. You can read the Kindle in direct sunlight because it looks just like a paper page and you can also read in the dark because of it’s backlight. You don’t need to recharge every day either – the battery life on a single charge is almost 30 days. Add to this a huge storage capacity (35,00 books at a time) and the massive, instantly available Kindle library and you have the last reader you will ever have to buy.

What is Involved in Kindle Refurbishment?

There are two types of refurbishment on Kindle eReaders: warranty refurbishment and third party refurbishment. When Amazon receives one of it’s units back with a fault while it is under warranty it will replace the original for the customer and send the faulty unit off to be repaired and re-sold. These units are typically very new and once repaired become a great cheap but new-looking buy. The second type you will find are from third party repairers who have bought or collected damaged Kindles for repair and re-sale. These may show some signs of wear and tear but they will be even cheaper than the units from Amazon.

Benefits of Refurbished

The main benefit of buying a refurbished Kindle is the most obvious one; the reduced price. If you buy from Amazon you could see 25% or more off the original price and from a third party reseller you could see as much as 50% off Kindle devices. If you are ready to upgrade to eBooks overt conventional books then this may be your best shot at getting a high-quality Kindle reader.

Drawbacks of Buying Refurbished

The main drawback of buying refurbished is, again, the most obvious one; they will have an amount of wear and tear. The actual amount is going to vary depending on the age of each unit and the type of fault it had (internal fault vs a breakage). There is a cutoff point for what you will see in terms of cosmetic damage, however, as severe cosmetic damage is almost always repaired. Cracked screens, cases and broken buttons will almost always be repaired as a part of the refurbishment process. A secondary drawback is that, depending on whom you buy from, refreshed units may have a lesser warranty period than their brand new counterparts.

The Best Places to Purchase a Refreshed Kindle Tablet Reader

The number one best place to buy one of these cheaper Kindles is directly through Amazon. Amazon offers the longest warranties and typically the best workmanship on repairs. However, there is a small drawback of buying from Amazon; they may not be as cheap as they could be from another seller. Essentially you are paying for the extra piece of mind of Amazon workmanship. Of course, if you want to save more then buying from a third party reseller is a great option. You may have to deal with more cosmetic damage and a shorter warranty, however. So who you purchase your cheap refurbished Kindle eBook reader from will depend on whether you need to save more or whether you want the extra safety of Amazon’s warranties.