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A Guide to Install Incompatible Android Apps From Google Play

The present market position clearly reveals that the Android Apps on Google Play are loved most by the global users. According to the new data from Strategy Analytics, a market research firm, Android dominates the global Smartphone OS market share for Q3 2014 by acquiring 84% of the total market. On the other hand, the App Annie‘s quarterly market reports (Q3 2014) revealed that the Google Play store outpaced iOS App Store by around 60 percent higher downloads. The fresh data from the above-mentioned source clarifies that Android has gained much prominence in global markets, and users find Google Play App for Android more engaging and exciting. Sometimes, Google app developers take advantage of this strong market position and restrict their apps to certain devices, countries, and Android versions. All the mentioned factors may lead to app compatibility issues, and you may get a ‘not compatible with your device’ error even when trying to download top free apps for Android.

Read the article below to know how you can install incompatible Android apps from Google Play:

Why Are Apps Incompatible?

Google app developers can restrict their developed apps in a variety of ways to make them private, secure, and protected from various infections or bugs. Here are some of the reasons behind Google Play App for Android becoming incompatible:

• The app is marked to be compatible with certain phones or tablets only

• Several apps are only allowed for installation in certain countries only

• The app requires a minimum version of Android support

You can use any of the below mentioned or rather try all of them to install incompatible Android apps from Google Play.

1. Remove device restrictions

Android devices include a “build.prop” file for identifying the model of the device and a rooted Android device allows you to edit this file. By editing the “build.prop” file you can make your device appear to be another device, resulting in installation of incompatible apps. You can install the new Market Helper app to spoof your device as another device without editing the build.prop file. Follow these steps to bypass your Android device:

• Download Market Helper from the developer’s website and side load it.

• Once installed, open the app to spoof your device into a popular device like the Samsung Galaxy S3 or a Nexus 7.

• Install the apps compatible with spoofed device and restart your device to appear to be itself again, once you’ve finished.

2. Use a VPN to Install Country-Restricted Apps

Tech advanced users can use the changed VPN technique to fool Google and make it think that your device is in another country. You can install the TunnelBear app for using free US or UK-based VPNs, and you can also use its free data, offered on a monthly basis, to install a few apps.

Follow these steps to install incompatible apps using this method:

• Find TunnelBear app from the web then download and install it.

• Restart your Android device and connect to a VPN located apart from your actual country

• Open the Google Play app or you may need to download Google App Store if using your Android for the first time.

• Your device will now appear to be from another country, and you can then download apps that are available in the VPN’s country.

3. Install the App’s APK File

Usually, an incompatible app doesn’t responds on your device because you’re in the wrong country. The solution to this issue is locating the official app’s ‘.APK file’ and side loading it onto your device. You can also ask your friend or relative from other countries to extract the APK file from their device and send it to you.

4. Upgrade your Android’s version

Many a times, the app may become incompatible just because it requires a newer version of Android and your device doesn’t support it. You can install the community-created ROMs to get a newer version of Android. For example, CyanogenMod can allow a Smartphone running on Android 2.3 or Gingerbread, to install Chrome browser (only available for Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich.)

All of the above-mentioned tips can easily allow you to download and install a variety of incompatible Google Play Apps for Android. If you think that most of the apps present incompatibility errors while downloading or installing, then immediately check your device for viruses and other virtual threats. Sometimes, any potential malware can also be the reason behind unresponsiveness and incompatibility of top free apps for Android. For added security, it is always recommended to check Google app developer’s info, app reviews, number of downloads, and bug fixes details.

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