A Guide to Landfill Quantity Surveys

Landfill quantity surveys are a necessary part of running a landfill in order to meet local, state and federal regulations on the disposal of trash. If your landfill doesn’t meet the proper standards, you could be cited for it, and it could cost you a lot of money.

This guide will discuss the various types of alignment that can be used to survey your your landfill and help you make sure it meets the right specifications. This includes landfill quantity surveys.

The first step in getting started here is to determine exactly what you need done. Do you need to arrange to have a regular survey done and put your landfill on a schedule, or do you simply need to have a one time survey completed? In other words, what is your reason for having this survey done? This is incredibly important as it could affect the scheduling, as well as the cost of the having this service done.

Consider finding a company in your local area that offers these types of surveys. You can consult your local phone book or a site like Google Local. If you can’t find a company this way, then you will have to search for a company that does. This is a highly specialized type of work, so there’s not that many companies that do it. You’ll want to find as many as you can and compare what they offer.

If necessary, then either the read the frequently asked questions section on the website and if you have to, give them a call and get a quote. You want to find a company that fits your budget, especially if the survey you is required because you have an emergency. An emergency survey will cost you more, and you’ll have to find a company that’s actually available to do it, so make sure you make arrangements as quickly as you can. You want to solve this as soon as possible. Otherwise it could cost you a great deal down the road.

If you have all your quotes, and you’ve compared all the companies, now it’s time to choose one. All things being equal, it’s a good idea to choose the company that has the most experience with your type of survey. This way you will get the most accurate job possible. Also, consider the reports. Will you be able to read them after you get them? If not, then you will definitely want to ask if the report is available in a different format or a way that you can understand it and use the information.

Make sure you are there on the day of the survey. Understand what will be done during the survey and the type of data you will receive. What this means is that you want to know exactly what the survey will tell you. You want to make sure the survey helps you arrive at the answer you need. Otherwise, you will have wasted both your time and money in getting this done.

These types of survey generally take about six hours per 10,000 square feet, so this will help tell you how long it will take in order to complete your survey. It may take a few days, so definitely be prepared for this.

Now, once the survey is done, you’ll want to analyze the finished data to answer your questions. This many be as time consuming as having the actually survey done. The truth is, landfill quality surveys are a hassle, and maintaining a landfill require a lot of paper work, but you can make it go a lot easier if hire a company that knows how to do this service for you.