A Guide to Set Up iPhone for Beginners

Whether it is about making switch from your current Smartphone to iPhone or purchasing the iPhone for the first time, you always need to know the basics. As a beginner, you need to know about how to setup iPhone. This article will guide you to setup your device without any hassle.

If you have decided to switch from your Android smartphone or your Windows Phone to iPhone then you need to know all about it. A newbie requires some facts to use an iPhone to use the utility. Using this guide, you will easily make a smooth transition from your current phone to an iOS device.

Account Creation

The initial thing that you need to do is to create an account with the Apple for setting up iPhone. An Apple account will help you in using features like App Store and iTunes. If you happen to have an Apple ID then, you can sync the device with the iCloud. Doing this will help in ease the data transfer process.

Remember to keep a credit card handy as the information will be required by your Apple ID. If you are not using the credit card in the initial setup process then you can skip it. Navigate to the following options to create your Apple account.

Settings-> iTunes & App Store-> Apple ID->View Apple ID->Payment Information.

Quick tips

Like every phone, you will need to know about the gestures, the commands and tips to work smoothly with your new iPhone. You need the following tips to get started:

• For deleting or moving apps you will need to hold down the icon until it starts shaking and then drag it across the screen. For deleting an app, click the X to delete it. If an app or an icon does not have an X then, it cannot be deleted.

• For conducting search swipe down on the home screen to reveal Spotlight search that will help you find anything on your phone.

• To access the Control Center from your locked screen or your home screen go to Settings-> Control center. You can access various modes and settings including AirDrop, camera, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

• To reveal Notification Center you can swipe down from the screen that will show you alerts and reminders. If you want to configure it then go to Settings-> Notification Center.
Adding Information

Now, you will need to input your information that would help you recognize as the owner of the phone.

Go to Settings-> General-> Siri->My Info to create your own contact info.

Enter the basic information that will include your name, your work, your home and other locations that are essential for you that will help Siri accept your commands easily. For example, you say Siri take me home; your address is already defined, and you will immediately get the directions to your home. Alternatively, you can go to the Map app and enter ‘Home’ as your location, and you will get relevant directions.

Go to Contacts and click the ‘+’ sign for adding a new contact. Adding and defining the names of your relatives or your friends will help you create text with a voice command. You can directly ask Siri to text your Mom, and it would be done as defined by you.

Customizing Contacts

To customize your contacts you need to add more information about a contact that includes address and birthday information or anniversary. All this will start appearing in your Calendars app. The details of a contact will help you locate accurate direction to their place using Maps or asking Siri.
For specific or important contacts you can set a custom ringtone because it will help you know when someone is calling without you having to look at the screen of your phone. You can even change the vibration rhythm for specific callers and even alert sounds for text messages.


The Apple iCloud is helpful in data backup from your iPhone and share content on your iOS devices. You need to synchronize the iDevices with the iCloud.

Go to Settings-> iCloud to get a list of things that can be synchronized with iOS devices. Each option has a button on the right that you need to tap for enabling sharing option.
Taking backup on the cloud too is easy that comes handy for storing your pictures on a cloud. The cloud option can act as a temporary backup solution until you find a viable solution to store your data like a drive or Dropbox.

Navigate to Settings-> iCloud-> Storage & Backup
When you are finished with the setup, your data and pictures will be automatically backed up to the iCloud Backup whenever connected via Wi-Fi.

Find My iPhone and Find My Friends

The ‘Find My iPhone’ option needs to be enabled to help you with remote connectivity of your device. This app comes handy whenever you lose your phone or at times when you need to locate your phone after theft. You can lock the device, erase the data or prevent another user from activating it. You can go online and activate the feature. You can test the feature using another iOS device to determine if it is working or not. Even battery indication will be displayed with information about current charging percentage.

Another option is that of Find My Friends option that can be set up by launching the app. Now, click the Add button, add the e-mail they are using for their iTunes or iPhone. The request will be sent for permission regarding tracking their movements. When they agree, a similar request will be sent to you too for allowing another to track your movements. If you do not want to reveal your information, go to the app and tap the ‘Me’ option and hide the location.

Social Network Settings

You can set up a notification and sharing features related to your Twitter and Facebook and other such accounts. Go to Settings, scroll to locate the option of Setup, tap each option and login to your account and configure setting for the same.

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