A Guide to the Best Cheap Carolina Herrera Handbags of This Year

The best cheap Carolina Herrera handbags of this year have been chosen based on what the average, fashion conscious women desires – a blend of durability, usefulness, looks and an inexpensive price tag. There are plenty of reviews and top lists for the most outrageous and unique designer label handbags, but these are simply useless to the average person. In this guide we take a look at five of the best cheap Carolina Herrera handbags that are actually useful in everyday life.

Carolina Herrera is an extremely popular brand of designer label handbags. This is the case because their products aren’t just about pure fashion appeal, they are about providing a high-quality accessory that still manages to achieve a fashionable look, and often at a fraction of the price of some other labels. Most of the five following handbags are suitable for almost any occasion, simply find the one you like the most and that fits your needs the best.

Best Cheap Carolina Herrera Handbags of This Year Number Five – Golden Handbag with Brown Suede Trim and Gold Chain

This colorful bag comes from Carolina Herrera’s summer 2012 line of purse handbags and this is evident right away from looking at it. The golden and brown colors will also make it a great bag for use in the fall as well, with it matching the tones of fall leaves. Gold chains have been in vogue this season and this bag makes full use of this adornment to offset the durable brown suede lining and trim pieces. This is a good daytime bag and the only reason it isn’t higher up on this list is because full chain straps can be a little bit uncomfortable for longer outings.

Best Cheap Carolina Herrera Handbags of This Year Number Four – Canvas Purse Bag with PVC Trim Pieces

This bag is one of the more practical options from CH this year. It has a canvas main section that is very durable and PVC edges, which prevent damage from bumps in addition to being easy to keep clean. This is a great bag for everyday use since it is easy to keep new looking, even with a lot of use. The only drawback to the canvas is that it can become sun faded if left out in the sun for extended times, though the only real way that this might happen is if it is left in a car. This is also one of the cheapest available bags for wholesale at less that $100 from most sellers. At one of the best prices on Carolina Herrera designer handbags this is a great entry level option for any fashionista.

Best Cheap Carolina Herrera Handbags of This Year Number Three – Spanish Signature Series Handbag in Gold and Dark Red

This handbag is designed and made in Spain and this really shows in the coloring and patterns. This classifies as one of the top designer handbags for this year because of it’s unique look that brings some vibrancy into the designer handbags manufacturers industry. If you can get your hands on one of these bags you wont regret it, they are fairly rare compared to some of the other options on this list but they really show off their looks while remaining practical enough for everyday use.

Best Cheap Carolina Herrera Handbags of This Year Number Two – Clutch Purse with CH Print and Large Bow Tie.

This gorgeous little clutch takes a neutral brown leather color and makes it interesting with an embossed series of CH logos and a large bow tie on the front. This is a great option for a ‘girly’ outfit that is a little bit playful. It’s also surprisingly practical since it is one of the few clutches that features a cover flap that keeps all of your possessions private and safe. This same bag also comes in black, which is handy if you prefer clutches for nighttime use.

Best Cheap Carolina Herrera Handbags of This Year Number One – CH Signature Series Full Black Handbag with Embossed Logos

The number one spot on the list of best cheap Carolina Herrera handbags goes to this larger black handbag from the CH signature series. This bag is instantly recognizable with its soft look and embossed ‘CH’ logo pattern. It is solid black but it does have a bit of a unique silver sheen to it that make it a bit more eye-catching then you would first think. The soft design is also very practical and comfortable, contouring to your body and keeping everything you might need safely inside.