A Guide to the Five Best Trendy Gucci Denim Handbags and Purses That are Practical and Good Looking

Some of the best trendy Gucci denim handbags and purses are also practical too. It’s not everyday that you can find a top designer handbags that are suitable for everyday use, but here is Gucci with five great options for you. These are the top designer handbags of 2012 and they are still quite affordable. A lot of the time you can find them on eBay, Amazon and through some retailers for at least 25% off recommended retail price.

One of the best ways to know if an expensive handbag is right for you is to look for Gucci designer handbag reviews. Well, in this guide we look at the best five Gucci handbags and purses that are practical and affordable.

Five Best Trendy Gucci Denim Handbags and Purses Number Five – Night Time Clutch Handbag in Denim

The first, or number five Gucci denim bag is their night time clutch handbag and it mixes a refined dining look with practicality in it’s size and strap. The color of the denim on this particular bag is a little bit more stand-out than some of Gucci’s other designer handbags of 2012, it features the GG pattern that is in vogue with an almost-silver color that is a perfect addition to most evening wear. In addition to this the bag also has some dark leather straps, gold buckles and a black zipper. This is one of the most affordable bags in the range as well, so if you are looking for a cheaper buy that still stands out at a dinner party then this is likely the bag for you.

Five Best Trendy Gucci Denim Handbags and Purses Number Four – Messenger Style Purse in Brown Denim

Messenger style purses take inspiration from the letter satchels used by the postal system and they are becoming increasingly popular. This is a due to their combination of small size and flat design with their streamlined look. This bag features a smaller version of the typical GG print with the addition of adorning metal buckles and leather corner bindings. A matching leather strap that is long enough to go over your torso is fastened to the top by dark metal rings. This design makes for a more secure evening bag, perfect for a night on the town. This is because you wont accidentally drop and because it’s much harder for someone to simply grab off you.

Five Best Trendy Gucci Denim Handbags and Purses Number Three – Signature Series Abbey Denim Bag Code 268637

Gucci’s 268637 Abbey Series denim handbag features a dark version of the GG print on a rectangle-shaped bag. This particular series has bright silver buckles and zips to stand out against the dark material. Despite being a darker bag this silver accentuation makes it a perfect choice for daytime use, especially in the winter where it can compliment leggings and a solid color top. This bag also has quite a comfortable design with an over-the-shoulder strap and a contoured top section that hugs your body. This is the perfect bag for a high-end shopping trip.

Five Best Trendy Gucci Denim Handbags and Purses Number Two – Miniature Dark Denim Handbag from Designer Jackie Pochette

This is one of the few handbags from Gucci this year to forgo the signature GG print. This is because it comes from assistant designer Jackie Pochette, who has designed perhaps the most practical bag in this list. Featuring a classic cover flap and silver buckles this is a great bag for almost any use – day or night, winter or summer. It’s also quite sturdy with a full leather bottom and thick denim material. This is the perfect handbag for an active woman.

Five Best Trendy Gucci Denim Handbags and Purses Number One – Gucci Washed Denim Soft Handbag Code GG1281

The number one handbag on this list is a real stand out this year. Amongst the popularity of the dark-colored denim this bright washed bag with gold highlights really sets itself apart from the crowd, and you will too wearing it. This bag features a larger white version of the distinctive GG pint on a denim material that would go perfectly with your favorite pair of scrubbed denim jeans. The bold golden highlights are what really makes it stand out and why it comes in as the number one bag on this years ‘best trendy Gucci denim handbags and purses’ list.