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A Guide to the Free Government Paid Cell Phone Service – Android Iphone Blackberry


It is not very well known that lower income families in the U.S. are eligible for a free government paid cell phone service despite how much potential this program has for helping disadvantaged families. If you need a free cell phone service then read on to find out what this offer is and how you can receive it. So read on for low income phone service and governement assistance phone programs.

About the Government Cell Phone Provision Initiative

This initiative is a joint effort between the United States government (welfare agency) and two major telecommunications companies; TracFone and Safelink. The aim of the initiative is to provide up to a million cell phone services to struggling families, free of charge. This service comes completely free with a handset and 250 minutes of talk time a month. At the end of a twelve month contract the recipient can keep the phone and either start their own service plan or continue on the government-provided plan if they still require it. People in receipt of a free cell phone service package are still allowed to get extra services such as SMS messaging and 3G access, provided that they pay the difference on top of the original contract. If you are working and are on the move during the day, but cannot afford a cell phone service for yourself then you are the perfect candidate for this service.

The Eligibility Requirements for a Free Cell Phone Service

There are two main requirements to be able to receive a government-supported free cell phone package: being classified as low income in your area, and, being in receipt of benefits. In order to be considered low income you must be below the specific income threshold for your locality. Since some areas are considered to have a different average wealth rating and cost of living rating, what is considered low income can be wildly different from locality to locality. To find out what low income is in you area and to find out whether you classify as such just head to your local welfare office. The staff at the welfare offices are always familiar with what is low income in their area and you will be able to discuss with them about whether you classify as such. The second requirement, that you be in receipt of welfare support, can be fulfilled by any pension, child support and food stamps.

How to Apply for a Free Cell Phone Service

The best way to apply for a government paid free cell phone service is to contact your local welfare office. You can do this through either a phone call, an email, by fax, or in person. In some cases you can even submit an online application if you have online service support. Choose whichever method is most convenient for you though keep in mind that if you apply in person or over the phone you will be able to get more immediate feedback and details on your application. Alternatively, you can make an enquiry directly through the government welfare services website. [] Make sure to have as much of your financial information and identification with you as you can when you apply as it will make the process much faster and smoother. If you do not have enough information with you then you may have to send it off and this can result in additional delays.

Additional Points to Remember When Applying for a Government Cell Phone Package

If you really need a cell phone service for work, travel, or for safety but cannot afford one then you should consider applying a government cell phone package. The FCC is responsible for overseeing the distribution of this free service and they are ensuring that the maximum number of needy people that need it can have it. In the end it is in the nation’s best interests to have as many people have timely and easy access to a phone as much of the time as possible. It promotes safety, national security and the progression of society overall. Just like the government covers food stamps as an essential part of modern life the FCC wants to make communication become seen as an essential part of modern life and so a free government paid cell phone service is deemed necessary.

A Guide to the Free Government Paid Cell Phone Service – Android Iphone Blackberry
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