At the dawn of a wonderful day

Success may hold hand through your way….

Golden sun that shines bright

Add warmth to your life and fill with light….

Vivid flowers blossoming and blooming

Bring prosperity and a future glowing….

Health and wealth may always come near

Wish you a very happy new year….

This is my wish for every creature on this earth,in everynew year day..i know nobody will stay to accept it or even give me a single smile..cherished with new clothes,every face blossomed with happiness..

who wants to care for an ugly looking sweaty face with ragged clothing painted with dust..i remember those past days..i was a young man,nicely dressed..everyone was around me..every one hold hands with me..my wife,dressed in silk clothes,nicely combed hair,was just like an angle,walked withme holding me as she would never leave me apart..i can even now remember the rose smell of her perfume,which made me blind in front of her,,

She has gone,leaving all the memories behind,a journey that she will never return..i was alone..in the house of my son..where we lulled him,played with him and enjoyed how he runs after butterflies..

But now he has grown up..he will no more run after buterflies..he will no more come again to me,running as a little hare..everything is gone with the past..no more they will come..

I can remember that night,it was gloomy and dark,no stars in the sky..silent and cold as an iceberg..my heart was frozen……look at your father..so old now..he always make our neighbours laugh..he scare our children..dear..we can’t tollerate this burden any more…whispered his wife in to his ears……

I did’t remember the reply of my son.actually i did not hear that..slowly with my baggage with me,bearing my weary body upon my tremmory weak legs,i moved outside…in to the street..passing many miles..where they couldnot find me..i am now just looking at the young men..passing infront of me..healthy and active…..strong as willow trees..i know they will not care..an old man lying beside….they will not feel the pain left at his heart….

But I greet them even they do not care…….because i am afraid….i am afraid of there future…..so i pray for them…because beauty or health,neighther love nor wealth hold hands with them ever,,,,,,,,