A Healthier Way to Prepare Your Food

Health is a major concern today. One of the best ways to address this concern is by improving the way we prepare our food. Admittedly, most of us love to have a lot of butter in our food. Aside from that, our taste buds would find it very difficult to resist anything that is deep fried. However, if we want to stay healthy, we should be avoiding those types of food preparation. For sure, there are healthier chicken recipes other than deep frying them.

Choosing Healthy Ingredient:

Of course, in order for you to have a healthy recipe, then you should be acquainted with healthy ingredients. First, instead of using ordinary cooking oil, use olive oil or other healthier oils. Olive oil is good for your health and it adds wonderful flavor to your food. Incorporate healthy vegetables in your food and make sure to have good fruits in your meal.


You can bake almost anything. This is better than frying because you will not need to stand next to the pan the entire cooking time. All you need is to set the heat level, time and wait for the food to cook. You will need to use oil in most cases. But you can spray the oil instead of pouring oil in the pan. This will cut the use of fat in the recipe significantly.


Grilling is also a healthier way to prepare your food. Just make sure that you cook the food right to make sure that it does not only retain the flavor but the nutrients as well. Do not add too much salt as well. You can use herbs and other healthier seasoning to flavor whatever it is that you are grilling.


Soups are also healthier. Vegetable soups are easy to prepare as well. You can start by seasoning the vegetables and roasting them until they are easier to puree. Once they have the texture you want for the soup, add the other ingredients like broth, cream or milk. See to it that you use healthy ingredients.

There are a lot of better alternative in preparing your food. The key there is to cut on fats that are bad for you, salt and other artificial flavor.