News A Lasting Investment: Driving Instruction in Leicester

A Lasting Investment: Driving Instruction in Leicester


Do you know one in five newly qualified drivers meets with an accident within the first six months of driving? Statistics from the Driving Standards Agency show this to be true. The driving skills students gain through instruction are an investment that can helps keep drivers stay safe both now and for years to come. Before a student can get behind the wheel of a car, there are legal requirement that must be met.

A Lasting Investment: Driving Instruction in Leicester

Legal Requirements to Learn to Drive

  • A provisional driver’s license is required to drive a car moped, or motorcycle.
  • A provisional driving license is available from the DVLA, and may not be applied for online.
  • A provisional entitlement is required in addition to a provisional driver’s license, in order to drive a larger vehicle, minibus, or bus
  • Learner must be of the appropriate age to drive the vehicle
  • Learner must display learner driver identification “L” plates
  • Learner must be supervised by a person who is over 21 and has held a valid full drivers license for 3 or more years.

Applying For A Provisional Driving License

  • Acquire DVLA form “D1”, from local post office.
  • Enclose form, original documentation confirming your identity, a passport style colour photograph and the fee of £38.00. Confirmation of your identity should usually be your passport; however, the DVLA also accepts a UK birth certificate,certificate of registry of birth (provided your name is present on the certificate), adoption certificate, identity card issued by a member state of the European Community / European Economic Area (EC/EEC),travel documents issued by the Home Office and certificate of naturalization as proof of identity.
  • Certify your photograph if it does not appear on your chosen certificate of identity as a true likeness of yourself by a ‘person of worthy stature’.
  • Expect DVLA to deliver your driving license to you within three weeks of receiving your application. This time may become longer if the DVLA have to check in on any of your details, or do not receive all of the information which they require.
  • Acquire D2 or D4 form if applying for provisional entitlement to drive larger vehicles. The “D2” form is the application for the provisional license, and form “D4” is a medical report to certify that you are of sufficient health to drive a potential threat to others. “D4” has to be completed by a doctor. In addition to these two forms, you will require to send confirmation of your identity (as above), a passport style color photograph, and your current driving license. There is no fee for this enhancement of your driving license.
  • Reveal any medical condition or disability that may affect your driving. You must also provide details of a medical condition or disability that has become worse since your license was issued or you develop a new medical condition or disability, as it may affect your fitness to drive. Failure to do so is a criminal offence.

A Lasting Investment: Driving Instruction in Leicester

When the student is ready to drive, it is time to decide what form of driving instruction is best– hourly tuition, intensive home study or intensive residential courses. The GoGreen Driving Academy in Leicester is ready to help design a program that fits the needs of the individual student. We are committed to providing excellent instruction to keep our drivers safe. Our instructors stress respect for fellowman on the road and for the environment. Students are taught driving habits that preserve the car and are least detrimental to the environment. After all, driving instruction is an investment in our community, as well as, in our drivers.

A Lasting Investment: Driving Instruction in Leicester
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