A little Too much 'security'

You’ve all had the experience. You’ve joined some silly site. Whether it was a ‘free storage/website’ or a writing site, or an email provider. It isn’t a bank account, it isn’t even important, but the password is Fort Knox style.

You can’t remember this password; the human brain is not built to recall C&24$/i3(0o&. You have the computer remember it, which means, of course, that if you’re on another computer, you can’t get to that site.

It boggles the mind; so you forget that site and go on to something sensible. Which is why a googal of sites are unknown and disappear, and others survive.

As everyone knows by now, that post-it on the monitor in that office; the one on which 6-3ua%ie9# is written is the password. You don’t have to hack, you just write it down.

Kevin Mitnick, who was the self-styled ‘world’s greatest hacker’ used to employ what he called ‘Social Engineering’

He didn’t hack into a computer using all kinds of Star Trek technology, he simple rang up an employee on the internal line and said; ‘It’s me, Roger from Accounting; I’m down stairs, what’s the password today?’ And the employee would tell him.

A lot of the scamming that goes on isn’t due to brilliant techie skills, it’s due to the victim sending his information to the Scammer. One doesn’t even need a computer to run many scams, hence password and all other ‘security’ features are useless. What’s the point of having complicated security features when a phone call gets a human being to divulge them?

The problem is not when you can chose to have a six world password, but when you are forced to have an 8 word password with numbers, letters, capitals and symbols. So why bother?