A look at history of Dharamavaram Sari

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Andhra is mainly known for its famous Gadwal Sari as compared to others. However, this state of India has a lot more to offer to sari lovers apart from the ever popular Gadwal Saris. There are various ethnic saris that create a long lasting impression and style statement. These are extremely bright and colored attires that are complimented with pallus adorned with zari work. These Dharamavaram Silk Sari’s are considered an ideal wear for brides all across India. These six yard attires are well known all across India and are known for their beautiful and bright work and use of color.

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These Sarees have a huge heritage and have a presence for as many as 120 years. This fabric is mainly weaved at a small town called Dharamavaram, which is located in the Anantapur District in Andhra Pradesh. The traditional attire is weaved by these weavers were of maroon and yellow combination befitting the lifestyle of a bride to be. Most of these woven wonders are known to have dual shades that ensure that the sari looks great and a class apart from the rest.

There are as many as 1500 manufacturers in and around Andhra Pradesh who indulge in making this wonder piece. Needless to say, as these saris are hand woven they are slightly costlier than the rest. The sari price ranges between INR 2000 to as costly as INR 1 lakh. The price of them depends on the intricacy of work and design on them. Needless to say, more the zari work higher the price. People across India, have seemed to develop a liking towards these making it a huge hit amongst all.

These are known to have muted dual color tones that makes them stand apart with the bright contrast solid pallu and border. The silk is so fine and soft in nature that it has spread its wings to various places like France, Germany and so on.


These Sarees have a distinct look about them thanks to the Gold plated border and designs imprinted on them. The fabric is known to have heavy gold brocade patterns and designs replicating various religious symbols and functions. Most of these sari’s are adorned with elephant designs, peacock designs and also the age old famous Indian temple border that makes them stand apart from the others.

Though they are often compared to Kancheepuram silk, the fact that distinguishes them from others is that it has a dual shade . As compared to kancheepuram or other silk sari’s the Dharamavaram Silk Sarees are known to have dual shades in muted colors that gives them a rich and regal look.

These sari’s being made with zari need to be taken special care of. Being a zari embroidered sari, they need to be given for dry cleaning alone. Also, these need to be stored properly in the almirah to ensure that they are not spoilt due to storage .Ideally , once in a while they should be air dried and then re folded for preserving the same.

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A look at history of Dharamavaram Sari, Seekyt
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